Charging management tailored to everyone.

When you buy a Smappee smart charging solution, you also get immediate access to our complete charging management platform. It takes care of all aspects related to electric charging. The Smappee Dashboard offers numerous features that help manage and operate your charging stations or charging square. Need more? Explore Smappee’s e-mobility services.

EV Base_Dashboard

Manage each charging point remotely.

As soon as you place multiple charging points on your premises where different users come to charge, you need more control. The Smappee smart charging platform offers that control… and more. Use the Smappee Dashboard to add priority charging, set tariffs, close your charging stations outside office hours, etc. In addition, you can track the status of all your charging points in real-time and quickly solve problems remotely.

Priorities and whitelisting.

Easily manage charging revenues by applying different charging rates and priorities down to user level. Via the Smappee Dashboard you can allocate priorities to the Smappee Smart Charge Cards. That way, your sales team or visitor is on the road again fully charged in no time. Or whitelist the Smappee RFID cards for your employees and visitors to charge for free or at a reduced rate on your charging square. The possibilities are many.

Charging costs and split billing.

Get an extensive overview of charging sessions, costs, and revenues per charging point via the Smappee Dashboard. Manage every charging point, on premise or remotely at your employee’s house, and easily offer split billing based on the data in the dashboard. That way, you can reimburse your employees for the charges at home or bill them correctly for the charging sessions at your charging square.

Smappee e-mobility services.

The Smappee charging management platform also offers e-mobility services. Choose Smappee CPO or e-MSP services for a simple and easy all-in-one payment solution. The Smappee CPO services take care of the payment and invoicing of the charges at your charging stations. EV drivers can charge using their charge cards linked to the Smappee or third-party e-MSP. Smappee will then reimburse you for the charges periodically.

Partners trust our technology

At Polestar, our mission goes beyond just selling electric cars. We want to accelerate the transition to green and more sustainable mobility. We have to remove barriers and ensure that our vehicles are charged efficiently and green. Thanks to the partnership with Smappee, we can make this happen.

Lies Eeckman, managing director of Polestar Belgium and Luxembourg.

Actually, just as with a car, you should consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Anyone who does that reaches the conclusion that the price-quality ratio of Smappee charging stations is very interesting.

Steve Coryn, B2B manager at Group Vandecasteele

In terms of invoicing, a charging station can seem a complex affair, but nothing could be further from the truth. Thanks to Smappee’s well-organised management system, we have quite quickly managed to set everything up properly and transparently.

Jan Decoene, Bessa Benelux – Cotton Park Business Centre

The charging stations are not only technologically advanced, but with their beautiful design they also fit aesthetically well with the new company building. The charging stations met our requirements perfectly.

Koen De Vlieger, director of installations and equipment at Verhelst Group

We currently only distribute charging stations from Smappee because they are effectively the furthest in the concept of smart charging. This creates enormous added value because you can significantly limit the customer’s capacity costs.

Geert Degroote, CEO at installation company Certipower

Smappee charging stations are currently the only ones about which we dare to say that they are guaranteed to still be interesting in ten years’ time.

Pieter Seynaeve, SunTronics

Thanks to the real-time insight into all installed charging stations via the charging management platform, our on-site visits have decreased by 90%. We can schedule our visits more efficiently and serve more customers.

Joke Oorts, CEO at installation company Energie+

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