Intelligent EV Charging

Save money with Load Balancing and avoid outages with Overload Protection.

The Smappee EV line offers world class intelligent charging solutions for your home and business. Smappee’s integrated Smart Energy Management technology automatically manages your loads and optimizes your EV charging. Load Balancing ensures the best use of your energy while minimizing your energy costs. Manage 100s of EV chargers with Smappee Overload Protection which automatically monitors charge cycles and adjusts charging thresholds to ensure that your combined power limits are never exceeded.

Up to 6 times cheaper by charging with solar and dynamic pricing

Installing a charging station has a major impact on the total energy consumption. When left unmanaged the cost of charging can be a bad surprise. Smappee maximises the use of renewable energies and minimizes expensive utility rates while avoiding demand penalties. Smappee’s Artificial Intelligence determines the ultimate cost effective charging plan based on the available resources and utility costs.

smart charging

Scalable and future-proof

All Smappee EV Line charging stations are compatible with Smappee’s Intelligent Energy Management solutions. With this integration your charging stations become part of your controllable loads and ensures your energy conservation goals are achieved. Need to plan for the future? Charging stations and load controls can be easily added into the Smappee ecosystem. With our connectivity your system is always up to date with the latest features and security.

Charging Management tailored to everyone

As soon as you manage multiple charging points, you need more insight and control for Charging Station Management. Get an extensive overview of charging sessions, costs and revenues per charging point. Use the Smappee Dashboard to add priority charging, set tariffs, close your charging stations outside office hours, etc. In addition, you can track the status of all your charging points in real-time and quickly solve problems remotely.

EV Base_Dashboard

Priorities and whitelisting

Easily manage charging revenues by applying different charging rates and priorities down to user level. Via the Smappee Dashboard you can allocate priorities to the Smappee Smart Charge cards. That way, your sales team or visitor is on the road again fully charged in no time. Or whitelist the Smappee RFID cards for your employees and visitors to charge for free or at a reduced rate on your charging hub. The possibilities are many.

Smappee Certified installer

Cost-efficient and easy to install

The Smappee EV Line is an all-in-one solution which can be installed and operational within a few hours. Thanks to the integrated LED lights you do not need any additional wiring to light your car park. The charging stations can be configured using simple wiring and an installation guide. Enjoy Smappee’s free technical and commercial training and support for installers.

charging for electric car drivers

From Residential to Commercial Charging

Smappee EV Line offers a charging solution tailored to anyone’s needs. Whether it is solar charging, balancing your loads with your electric fleet or monetizing your charging stations. Mix and match Smappee EV wall and EV Base to create a uniform, functional and integrated charging infrastructure in no time.

Smappee’s Intelligent range of EV chargers brings value to you

Smappee EV Wall Business - EV Line range

EV Wall

  • wall mounted
  • with 8 m charging cable and cable holder
  • type 2 connection
  • up to 22 kW
  • with H/BEMS

Smappee EV Base - range

EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • with 5 m charging cables
  • type 2 connection
  • up to 22 kW
  • with H/BEMS

Countless benefits

Continual overload protection
Maximize Savings
Solar Optimization
Accurate Billing
Charge Priority
Energy Insights
Low Cost of Ownership
Award Winning

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