Smappee EV charging solutions.

Do you want to charge your Polestar car using solar energy and in prefect balance with the other energy flows in your home? Or are you looking for a way to pass the charging costs onto your employer? Smappee EV Wall is the solution for you.

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Charging at home with solar energy.

Want to use a maximum amount of solar energy for your charging sessions? You can charge your electric car using solar energy throughout the day thanks to our integrated energy management technology. Smappee’s unique Artificial Intelligence optimises your self-sufficiency. This helps you save costs and drive in an eco-friendlier way. No solar panels? Optimise based on your lowest energy rate and save on residential charging costs.

Safe charging without blown fuses.

The Smappee EV Wall is a compact, user-friendly, and beautiful solution for residential charging. The EV Wall is fitted with overload protection. This ensures that the electrical system of your home stays within its power limit, meaning you no longer have to worry about blown fuses when charging. Smappee automatically adjusts the charging capacity of your charging station to fit your energy needs at home.

See your charging process and costs.

Don’t wait for your monthly bill to find out how much charging at home is costing you. The Smappee App and Dashboard let you know in real-time how much you’re charging and its cost. It is perfectly possible to apply split billing to pass on the charging costs to your employer. You’ll also see how much solar energy you used for your charging session. Find out what data you can expect from your EV Wall in the Smappee App. Want even more insight? Integrate Smappee Infinity to control your energy consumption at home.

Easy, user-friendly charging.

There are two ways to charge your EV using a Smappee EV Wall: Plug and charge and Swipe and charge. To Plug and charge, simply insert the connector in the EV to start and disconnect to stop charging. To Swipe and charge, insert the connector, swipe your card (or vice versa) in front of the LED light and start charging. This also adds extra security as your EV Wall will only unlock after swiping the card. Enjoy this feature by activating the Smappee Smart Charge Card at

Monetise your home charging station.

Allow other people to charge at your EV Wall and get paid for those charging sessions. Stick the included QR sticker on your EV Wall and sign up for the Smappee payment services to enable people to Scan and charge. By scanning the QR code they’ll open the Smappee App and start the payment process. Smappee will then wire the money to your account periodically. It’s that easy!

Residential charging for any electrical situation.

The Smappee EV Wall is easily installed in less than an hour and is compatible with any electrical connection and any electrical vehicle. Did you know that a Smappee residential charging station charges up to seven times faster than a regular socket?

Looking for a charging solution for businesses?

Do you own a business or charging hub and want to install multiple charging stations? We have customisable charging solutions for you: the Smappee EV Base and the Business edition of the Smappee EV Wall. Charge multiple cars at the same time, add payment options and enjoy even more insight and control via the Smappee Dashboard.

A smart charging solution, tailored to your needs.

Smappee EV Wall

  • wall mounted
  • with socket

  • type 2 connection
  • 1-phase, up to 7.4 kW
    or 3-phase, up to 22 kW

From € 1.331
excl. VAT and installation

wallbox charging station with cable

Smappee EV Wall

  • wall mounted
  • with 8 m charging cable and cable holder
  • type 2 connection
  • 1-phase, up to 7.4 kW
    or 3-phase, up to 22 kW

From € 1.524
excl. VAT and installation

Smappee EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • with 1 or 2 sockets or 5 m charging cables
  • type 2 connection
  • 3-phase, up to 22 kW

From € 2.126
excl. VAT and installation

*A standard installation including inspection of one wall model costs on average between €595 and €995 excl. VAT. The installation price for the standing model is calculated on a custom-made basis. Would you like an exact price for your situation? Request your quote.

Countless benefits.

Elegant and robust design
Insight into (charging) costs
Charge up to 7x faster
More cost-efficient charging
Easy installation
electric car charger - beautiful design LED-lighting

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