Infinite possibilities.

Transparent energy use and costs.

Smappee offers insights into your energy consumption and cost, down to the load, so you can manage your facility efficiently.

Dynamic load balancing.

Smappee automatically manages energy usage to ensure efficiency. Output Modules and integration to third parties allow active load management.

Overload protection.

Smappee secures maximum uptime and alarms when circuits reach critical loading to ensure mitigation actions can take place.

Optimized Renewables.

Smappee ensures the most efficient usage of your onsite renewables to minimize your energy costs.

Smart EV charging.

Smappee allows for an easy and secure charging of your car(s) while cleverly managing your building’s energy flows. Benefit from autonomous overload protection, tariff optimization, optimized self-consumption and a clear overview of charging costs.

Power Quality Reliability.

Smappee Infinity SPM Series not only provides revenue grade metering but also valuable power quality insights to ensure reliable operation of your facility.

Power Continuity.

Smappee constantly monitors the incoming feeder and takes corrective actions to safeguard your operations from outages. With the use of onsite generation and storage Smappee ensures maximum uptime.

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