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The installation procedure of the Smappee Infinity consists of different steps. Carefully view the video's below.

Planning and site preparation

The first step is to determine the complete monitoring solution. This consists of listing all the loads that need to be measured, their properties, and the required hardware (Smappee and others).

Initial setup and configuration

The first step of the Smappee Infinity installation is creating a location and defining the measured loads and their properties. The location defines where the Smappee will be installed (e.g. house, store, or site address).

Physical installation

This procedure describes the required steps for the physical installation of the Smappee Infinity. WARNING: For safety purposes, it is necessary to power off the installation before proceeding with the physical installation.

Smappee cloud connectivity

During start-up, the Smappee Genius will check which internet connectivity is used.

Configuration of CTs

In this procedure, the initial setup and configuration are linked to each physical CT. Proceed in the Smappee Energy Monitor mobile app and follow the steps as shown.

Validation of the installation

Once the installation is complete, it is good practice to validate the correct operation of the monitoring solution.

Full Smappee Infinity installation video

Watch the full Smappee Infinity installation video here. Please consult the full manual at: www.smappee.com/support

Smappee Partner support.

Only certified electricians or equivalent may install the Smappee Infinity. Consult the full Smappee Infinity installation manual here. If you have any questions, please contact your local distributor. In case your local distributor is unable to help, contact Smappee at support@smappee.com.

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