29 January 2020

Smappee Smart meter moduleSmappee is launching a smart meter module that adds intelligence to all digital energy meters world wide. The module is plug and play and reads the smart meter to offer consumers valuable insights into their energy consumption. Via the Smappee App they can track the always on power, gas and water consumption and real-time data on energy consumption and production. These insights allow them to save energy, money and the environment. The product can be tailored to any smart meter worldwide with corresponding app, dashboard and packaging. 

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21 November 2019

Off-grid greenhouse with Kaseco Plus, Smappee, UGent and HowestKaseco+ is the architectural office behind the first autonomous bio-ecological greenhouse in Belgium.The building, which serves as a home and office space, is made up of bio-ecological, renewable materials or materials that are fully recyclable. A team from University of Ghent and Howest are using Smappee to help the building go completely off grid.

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Kortrijk / Cologne, 7 november 2019

Smappee and EEBUSSmappee has started the integration of EEBUS communication in its energy management products and solutions. With EEBUS, connectivity and compatibility to all categories of key energy devices is realised and enables Smappee’s energy gateway to optimise demand and supply based on standardised use cases. With regard to software integration, Smappee works with KEO GmbH, the leading EEBUS integrator with years of experience in EEBUS implementations.

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22 October 2019

Smappee new appWe've designed the Smappee App specially to support current and future Smappee innovations and to perfect the Smappee user experience. Want to know what's new in the Smappee App? Read more about all recent features and updates.

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17 October 2019

Smappee Infinity Smart EV Charging Keba, Alfen, EVBox, PowerdaleSmappee allows electric vehicle drivers to enjoy a number of benefits that enhances their charging experience. Smappee is compatible with charging stations from different brands such as Alfen, EVBox, KEBA and Powerdale and continues to add other brands to the list.

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Kortrijk, 19 September 2019

Smappee-EVBOX-ENGIE-Schiphol-The Outlook-Smart EV ChargingMicrosoft employees working at The Outlook building, managed by Schiphol Real Estate, can charge their electric cars at one of the 40 new charging stations. Interestingly enough, the building’s infrastructure actually provided only 17 charging stations to be installed. The installation also features bidirectional charging: allowing a dynamic (smart) exchange of energy between cars, building and grid.

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Kortrijk, 11 September 2019

Smappee Infinity Modbus energy meterSmart energy monitoring manufacturer Smappee has debuted its new Modbus energy meter. Tailored for industrial and commercial sites, Smappee’s Modbus energy meter offers accurate submetering and energy metering functionalities. The data is transferred via Modbus RTU (RS-485) to any 3rd party gateway, data logger or scada system.

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19 August 2019


Global charging station manufacturer EVBox was looking to bring smart charging to the next level. It was their ambition to let EV drivers connect their charging station to solar power to charge their car in a self-sufficient and eco-friendly way. To do so, EVBox opted to work with a ready-to-use solution from the best-in-class in the field of energy management: Smappee. Smappee not only offered local dynamic load balancing and overload protection, it also offered eco-efficient charging, energy insights, and control over the energy flows. Smappee’s modular setup allowed for quick and easy integration and customisation, enabling a very short lead time to go to market.

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13 August 2019

Smappee Dashboard

Smappee provides a large amount of valuable, actionable energy data that can be accessed in multiple ways. There’s an API for integration with EMS/BMS systems, a user-friendly app for consumers, and a comprehensive professional dashboard for in-depth analysis. Let’s take a tour of the Smappee Dashboard!

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9 July 2019

Smappee Infinity - construction - ISO certified - BAMThe construction business is changing quickly. Compliance with ISO standards is no longer just a competitive advantage but an absolute must to be considered for certain clients or projects. Monitoring and controlling energy consumption on construction sites not only has the advantage that ISO standards are met, it also makes construction companies more energy efficient and saves them money.

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