Smappee EV Base,
the charging station tailored to businesses.

Offices, hospitality or retail: as soon as you install one or multiple business charging stations, you need insight, control and payment options. The award-winning Smappee EV Base offers that and more. Smappee’s energy management technology offers more energy efficiency, self-sufficiency and dynamic load balancing of your charge park and the rest of your site.

Smart charging with solar energy.

By adding Smappee’s dynamic load-balancing you can easily maximise the use of solar energy for charging electric vehicles during the day. As a result, you can optimise your self-sufficiency and save costs. When solar isn’t available, Smappee considers variable and capacity rates to charge the cars with the cheapest energy and keep your load peaks under control.

Guaranteed overload protection.

Smappee’s autonomous overload protection ensures that your building’s system is maintained within its power limits. This means you do not have to make expensive modifications to your electrical installation even with the additional demand of charging electric vehicles.

Insight and control for every charging point.

Get a detailed overview of all charging points and their revenues via the Smappee charging management platform. Set rates for direct payment and priority charging down to user level. Want to charge using solar energy or only during off-peak hours to save on electricity costs? Want to turn off charging stations outside of business hours? It’s simple and easy via the Dashboard. Request a demo.

EV charger mobile app

Monetise your charging station.

Make your charging stations available for semi-public charging via direct payment by using our charging management platform. EV drivers pay for their charges by scanning the QR code or swiping their RFID card. Scan the QR code to open the Smappee App and start the payment process. EV drivers can also swipe their Smappee Smart Charge Card or third-party charge card to pay. The Smappee Smart Charge Card offers the additional advantage that you can use it for split billing to reimburse your employees for home charging. Looking for a reliable payment and billing partner for your business charging station? Choose Smappee CPO and e-MSP services or any other third-party CPO or e-MSP.


Cost-efficient and easy to install.

The Smappee EV Base is an all-in-one solution which can be installed and operational within a few hours. Thanks to the integrated LED lights you do not need any additional wiring to light your car park or garage. The integrated differential makes extra control panels unnecessary. This charging station for businesses can be configured using simple wiring and an installation guide. Watch the installation movie or download the installation manual.

Beautiful to look at, built to last.

Thanks to its functional and future-proof design, the Smappee EV Base is an added value to any car park. The car charger is made from sustainable materials and requires little maintenance. A subtle LED light indicates the charging status. It also ensures adequate visibility and increased safety at night. Charging hub operators can adjust the intensity of the lights and set timers to turn them on and off. You can even modify the shape of the LED and colour of the charging station to match you company’s brand. The Smappee EV Base has been awarded the Henry Van de Velde Design Award and the iF World Design Award.

Need a more compact solution ?

Choose between the Smappee EV Base or the more compact Smappee EV Wall Business edition. The EV Wall is wall mounted and comes with or without a fixed charging cable. It offers the same payment options as the EV Base and can be seamlessly integrated with other energy flows at your charging hub and building. Download technical information about the EV Wall Business.

photo of a big standing dc fast charger, a standing ac charger and a wallbox charger

Fast and smart DC charging.

Do you want to add DC charging to your charging square? Smappee EV Base Ultra is fast, smart and compact. Featuring the award-winning EV Line design, it offers 160 kW DC charging whilst maintaining your electric infrastructure within its limits. In combination with EV Base or EV Wall it provides the most energy-efficient charging on the market.

Scalable and future-proof.

All Smappee EV Line charging stations are compatible with Smappee’s intelligent energy management system for buildings (BEMS). This way you can optimise your energy consumption and your charging hub will be in perfect harmony with your other energy flows. Want more charging stations or more control over time? No problem. Build on your existing installation via the modular Smappee ecosystem. Thanks to the remote updates you will never have to worry about outdated technology.

Smappee EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • with 1 or 2 sockets
  • type 2 connection
  • 3-phase, up to 22 kW

  • floor mounted
  • with 1 charging cable (max 5 m)
  • type 2 connection
  • 3-phase, up to 22 kW

  • floor mounted
  • with 2 charging cables (max 5 m)
  • type 2 connection
  • 3-phase, up to 22 kW

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