Smappee EV Base


  • The smartest EV charging stations for businesses.
  • Solar optimisation and autonomous overload protection.
  • Real-time and historical charging costs.
  • Priority charging and multiple rates.
  • Easy payment options with QR code or RFID.
  • Elegant design, ambient lighting.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.



Currently available in Europe only.

EV chargers for business

Smart charging and dynamic load balancing.

Smappee’s dynamic load balancing maximises the use of solar energy for electric car charging throughout the day. As a result, you optimise your self sufficiency and save costs. Meanwhile, Smappee’s autonomous overload protection ensures your building’s system is maintained within its power limits. Even with the additional demand for electric vehicle charging. So, no need for expensive and disruptive changes to your grid connection. Read more.

EV charger for business

Beautiful to look at,
built to last.

Thanks to its functional and future-proof design, the Smappee EV Base is an added value to any car park. The car charger is made from sustainable materials and requires little maintenance. A subtle LED light indicates the charging status. It also ensures sufficient visibility and increased security of the car park at night. Charge park owners can adjust the light intensity and set a timer to switch on or off. You can even personalise the shape of the LED and the colour of the charging station to fit your company’s brand.

Cost of charging electric car

Easy charging for EV drivers.

With a charging capacity from 3,7 to 22 kW for each of the two charge points (1- or 3-phase) and charge mode 3 (IEC 61851) the station works for every EV. Thanks to the fixed cables (type 2) you can start charging upon arrival. Simply ‘Plug and charge’ in case of free charging, ‘Swipe and charge’ when using an RFID card and ‘Scan and charge’ when using the QR code on top of the car charger. The QR code opens the Smappee App which instantly displays the charging process and costs.

Charge point operator

Easy management for operators.

Via the Smappee Dashboard, charge park operators get an in-depth overview of the charging sessions, costs, payments and revenue for each charging point. That way, you can easily manage charging revenue by applying different rates and priorities. Use the Smappee CPO services for an easy all-in-one payment solution or work with a third party CPO.

EV charger for business

Easy installation.

The Smappee EV Base is an all-in-one solution that can be up and running in just a few hours. No need to install a separate holder or foresee extra cabling for charge park lighting. The integrated differential eliminates the need for an additional circuit breaker panel. The charging station configuration is done with simple cabling and an installation wizard. Download the installation manual here. Looking for an installer or distributor in your neighbourhood? Find one here.

Energy management

Part of the Smappee ecosystem.

The Smappee EV Base can easily be integrated with the Smappee Infinity Building Energy Management System by adding CTs. That way, EV Base owners not only get charging data but also in-depth energy insights and control over their building’s loads for optimised energy sufficiency and maximised self consumption. Find out more about Smappee Infinity here and discover its third party IoT integrations here.

Smappee EV Base wins Henry van de Velde award

EV Base wins the Henry van de Velde award 2021.

The Henry van de Velde award is the most prestigious Belgian design award. It showcases projects, products and services that demonstrate the added value of design in its most varied aspects. The EV Base was selected by the jury as one of the 17 winners from 198 submissions and won the award in the category Business Innovation for its sustainable, innovative and beautiful design.

Countless benefits.

breaker trip Autonomous overload protection
self sufficiency Optimised self sufficiency
save on electricity Real-time and historical charging costs
public charging Priority charging
charge point operator Apply different rates
Scan QR code or swipe RFID
Dashboard for easy management
Elegant, customisable design

Partners trust our technology

Thanks to the Smappee EV Base we are able to offer our employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric vehicle at any time while turning the solar energy produced on site into a source of income. We also love the ambient lighting which is both beautiful and functional.

Alexandra Vanhuyse, co-founder at Snowball

Whether it is bidirectional EV charging, smart office buildings or the rollout of our sustainability objectives, partnering with leading firms like ENGIE, Smappee and EVBox is helping us to meet our sustainability goals and future-proofing our business

Jan Willem Weissink, Managing Director of Schiphol Real Estate at Royal Schiphol Group

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