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Charging stations

The Smappee EV Line charging stations offer the perfect balance between intelligence and beauty. They are equipped with autonomous overload protection and offer optimised self-consumption. Via the Smappee App and Dashboard, you get detailed insights into the charging process and costs. Now that is really smart charging! Enjoy the sleek design and built-in LED lighting that integrates perfectly into residential and business environments. Define their look and set up any functionality as you wish, such as flexible pricing and payment via QR code or charge card. With the EV Line you are set for the future. Enjoy automatic remote updates and easily expand the charging solutions with the rest of the Smappee ecosystem.

Yes. With the Smappee EV Base Ultra 200S, you can charge with a continuous output of up to 200 kW at 650 V - 1,000 V and with the EV Base Ultra 80S, you can charge with a continuous output of up to 80 kW at 650 V - 1,000 V. Combine the Smappee fast charger with the floor charging station, the EV Base, and the wall charging station, the EV Wall, and create the most energy-efficient charging station on the market

Download the technical sheets of EV Base Ultra.

95% of cars in Europe are equipped with a type 2 connector. Our AC charging stations are therefore only available with this connection. This works for both fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids.

Our DC charging station (EV Base Ultra) is only available with CCS 2. This is the standard connector that we will eventually evolve to in Europe so we do not support CHAdeMO.

Smappee is only sold and installed by recognised installers. We’ll entrust your request to one of the Smappee Certified installers near you. Request Smappee here.

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Installation is done in three parts: physical installation of the charging station, physical installation of the energy management modules in the distribution panel and configuration using the step-by-step wizard in the Smappee App. After the installation the configuration can be updated remotely via the Smappee Dashboard. The Smappee EV Base and EV Wall Business can be installed and operational within a few hours and the EV Wall can even be installed in less than one hour.  Thanks to the integrated LED lights you do not need any additional wiring to light your car park or garage. The integrated differential makes extra control panels unnecessary.

Download the Smappee EV Line manuals.

There are two types of 'fuels' that can be used in electric cars. They are called alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC). The power coming from the grid is always AC. However, batteries, like the ones in your EV, can only store power as direct current.

  • AC charging for electric vehicles
    When it comes to electric vehicles, an inverter is built into the car. It is called the 'onboard charger', although it is really an inverter. It converts electricity from alternating current to direct current and then stores it in the car's battery.
  • DC charging for electric vehicles
    The difference between AC charging and DC charging is the location where the AC current is converted; inside or outside the car. Unlike AC chargers, a DC charger has the inverter inside the charger itself. This means it's larger and provides power directly to the car's battery and doesn't need the built-in charger to convert it.

Charging solutions

Installing a charging station has a major impact on the overall energy consumption of a home or business.

  • This makes the use of renewable energy even more important. Therefore, Smappee offers a solution that maximizes the use of renewable energy and energy during off-peak hours throughout the day for each charging session. In this way, you optimise your self-sufficiency and save costs. Depending on your country, you may also need this smart feature to take advantage of tax cuts.
  • The current infrastructure often cannot handle the additional energy demand of electric cars. This can lead to blown fuses. Smappee's autonomous overload protection ensures that cars can charge safely and the system stays within its power limit. Thus, an expensive extension of the electrical connection is not necessary.
  • Most electric drivers must wait for their monthly bill to know how much charging has cost them. By purchasing a Smappee EV Line charging station, you get a real-time overview of the charging process and an overview of the charging costs in the Smappee App and Dashboard. In addition, you can also perfectly track the extent to which your charging session used the solar energy you produced yourself. And that's not all, combined  with the energy management technology Smappee Infinity, you also get instant insight into your entire energy consumption. Discover which are the biggest energy guzzlers and how self-sufficient you really are. Take immediate action and monitor how you use energy through the Smappee App and Dashboard.

Read on our blog why smart charging is the logical choice.

Yes, thanks to Smappee's dynamic load-balancing, charging stations use as much solar energy as possible or tap energy during off-peak hours. This is the cheapest energy for your car and household appliances. So you can easily save up to 60% on your energy bill. Read all about it on our blog.

Smappee's dynamic load balancing is included in the Smappee EV Wall home wall charging station. For the charging stations for businesses, EV Base and EV Wall Business, you need to purchase a smart energy management system, Smappee Infinity, to enable dynamic load-balancing across multiple charging stations.

The EV Line offers each user several options for starting and paying for a charging session:

  • Plug and charge
    Plug in your car and start charging immediately, without identification or payment.
  • Scan and charge (QR code)
    Scan the QR code to start charging and pay for your charging session immediately via the Smappee App. The QR codes are included in the packaging box of your Smappee charging station. Find out how to activate them to make public charging via QR code possible for your charging station.
  • Swipe and charge (RFID)
    Start charging by swiping an RFID token, which may or may not be linked to a credit card. The Smappee EV Line works with most common charge cards but also with the Smappee Smart Charge Card. The Smart Charge Card is included in the packaging box of your Smappee charging station. Find out how to activate your RFID.
    • Whitelisting
      Assign RFID tokens to users of your charging station or charging hub. It is also possible to assign priorities and rates per user in the dashboard.
    • Split billing
      Do you own a corporation or work for an employer? Through a split-billing agreement with Smappee Services, your employer can manage RFID charge cards and the associated flat fee per employee. The fee per kWh is paid monthly to the employee and can be adjusted on a monthly basis.

Smappee e-mobility services.

Choose Smappee CPO or e-MSP services for a simple and convenient all-in-one payment solution. Smappee CPO services handle payment and billing for charging sessions to your charging stations. EV riders can charge with their charge cards connected to Smappee's or a third-party e-MSP. Smappee will then periodically reimburse you for the costs.

Yes. Depending on your region, you can take advantage of various tax benefits. Consult your local government on charging station tax benefits for more information. Smappee EV Line is eligible for various subsidies, such as the OZEV subsidy in the UK, the ADVENIR program in France, tax benefits in Belgium, etc.

In practice, most cars achieve a maximum of 11 kW. Our charging station can go up to 22 kW but then the car is the limiting factor. Some car manufacturers offer a 22 kW on-board charger as an option.

For example, car X has a battery of 80 kWh. If you want to charge it from 20% to 80% it will take 20 hours at a wall socket, 4 hours (11 kW) or 2 hours (22 kW) at an AC charging station and 20 minutes at the EV Base Ultra (160 kW).

Not yet. At this time, the V2H and V2G specifications have not been released. When these are available, we will expand our ecosystem to include a bidirectional charging station. Bidirectional charging requires adjustments to both hardware and communication protocols and is therefore not possible via a software update on current Smappee charging stations.

Find out more about exactly how bidirectional charging works here.

Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the built-in Swipe and charge functionality, it is possible to identify the user of the charging station. If the company car's charge card is used, split billing is activated. Then you will be reimbursed through your employer for the kWh you put into the company car. When charging the private car, you then use a different card. All Smappee charging stations have the Swipe and charge functionality.

Energy management

Smappee Infinity provides users with the most comprehensive, future-proof, smart energy offering on the market. The modular and global solution delivers increased energy efficiency thanks to detailed, real-time energy consumption data with not just one, but three methods for submetering electricity. Add solar, gas and water for a complete overview of all your energy flows at a glance. Smappee Infinity is easy to install and to integrate with IoT services, and features optimised self-consumption and smart charging, delivering exceptional value both for your residential and business customers.

An energy management system will allow you to cut ever-rising energy costs and facilitate self-consumption, using the renewable energy produced to its fullest. To do that, you need real-time, actionable energy insights and the ability to automate the energy flows on your premises. Appliances need to switch on or off automatically according to your tariffs or when production peaks or is at a low and surplus energy needs to be stored for later. Smappee allows just that, paving the way for a future in which buildings are decentralised energy hubs without having to compromise on comfort.

Smappee analyses the use of solar energy, gas, water and electricity down to circuit and appliance level. Users get energy insights and discover their energy consumption, production, energy guzzlers, standby power, etc. in real-time, anytime and anywhere using the Smappee App and Smappee Dashboard. The Smappee control modules, Smappee Automations and partnerships with third-party IoT solutions empower users to steer energy automatically to appliances in the order of their preference, store it in the battery or switch appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way, optimising self-consumption and enabling self-sufficiency. Smappee aims to change its users’ energy habits by reducing their energy consumption without compromising on comfort. This ensures that both the user and the environment benefit from Smappee’s energy efficiency solutions.

We know every customer is different. So, we’ve developed Smappee Infinity with flexibility in mind. Our comprehensive offering means you can pick and choose the features and services you need from Modbus energy metering for multi-sites to smart EV charging and optimised self-consumption. Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs. Put together your Smappee Infinity installation with data measurement, data calculation, data communication and optional control modules. Discover the different Smappee modules for these different features and services.

Yes. Thanks to the dynamic load balancing functionalities, Smappee Infinity is capable of automatically steering energy to appliances in the order of your preference, storing it in the battery or switching appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way. As such, Smappee Infinity optimises auto-consumption and enables self-sufficiency. 

Installation is done in two parts: physical installation in the fuse box and configuration using the step-by-step installation wizard in the Smappee App or Dashboard. The compact plug-and-play system is robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CTs). Thanks to its modularity, additional single- or three-phased energy metering can be installed in five to ten minutes. Maintenance requires little effort, which keeps the total cost of ownership low.

Download the Smappee Infinity manual.

Smappee is only sold and installed by recognised installers. We’ll entrust your request to one of the Smappee Certified installers near you. Request Smappee here.

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Smappee App and Dashboard

The Smappee Dashboard is available in English. The Smappee mobile App is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Getting Smappee

No, there is no subscription fee for Smappee users. You have unlimited access to your data in the Smappee App and Dashboard.

Are you a Smappee partner? Contact your trusted business developer to find out more about the available data licenses and packages for partners.

  • Do you wish to purchase Smappee or expand your Smappee system with extra modules or a charging station? Great! Smappee is only sold and installed by installers recognised by Smappee. We’ll entrust your request to one of the Smappee Certified Partners near you. Request Smappee.
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Support & privacy

Smappee attaches a great deal of importance to its customers' privacy. We only keep the data we think we need to offer you an outstanding Smappee experience. All recorded data is kept safe and secure according to strict procedures. Find out more about this in our privacy statement.

Are you a registered Smappee partner? Access support materials via your personal Smappee Partner Portal. Log in with the username and password of your Smappee cloud account.

Are you an end-customer? You will find the answer in our Smappee Help Center. Alternatively, visit our Smappee blog for useful information about the Smappee ecosystem. Still have questions? Contact your Smappee installer. Find the support contact info of your installer in the Smappee Dashboard and Smappee App (Settings). Do you still want help from a Smappee expert? Order our dedicated Smappee customer support service.