Consult all technical materials for the Smappee Infinity, Smappee EV Line and Legacy monitors below.

Charging solutions.

Technical specifications.

EV BaseEV WallEV Wall Business

Product and installation manual.

EV Base manualEV Wall manualEV Wall Business manualEVBox Smart ChargingEV Line Quick install guides

Energy management.

Technical specifications.

Data measurement modules.

CT HubCurrent transformersInput moduleGas & Water (compatibility check) – MID meterP1/S1 module

Data calculation modules.

Power Box

Communication modules.

GeniusConnectWi-Fi Connect

Control modules.

Output moduleSwitch

Product and installation manual.

Infinity manualInfinity installation presentation

Installation guides.

P1/S1 module installation guideGas & Water installation guideSwitch installation guideMID meter installation guide

Smappee legacy monitors.

Energy manualSolar manualPlus manualPlus manual for USPro manualPro manual for USInstallation videos