Smappee energiemonitor in werking.

Smappee energiemonitor in werking.

Smappee energiemonitor in werking.

Smappee energiemonitor in werking.

  • Smappee energiemonitor verpakking.

Energy monitor

Beschikbaarheid: Op voorraad

€ 229,00
  • Spoor energievreters op.
  • Krijg grip op sluimerverbruik.
  • Bedien toestellen vanop afstand.
  • Bespaar tot 30% op je energiefactuur.
  • Volledig onafhankelijk van je energieleverancier.
  • Geschikt voor enkel-, twee- en driefasige aansluitingen
  • Twijfel? Niet nodig: je hebt 30 dagen bedenktijd!


The Smappee energy monitor consists of:

  • 1 Smappee monitor
  • 3 current clamps (cable length 150 cm/59 inch each)
  • 1 power cord 230V
  • 1 Comfort Plug™ to control appliances remotely (wireless 433 MHz)


The Smappee energy monitor gives you real-time data on the electricity use and cost in your home. By measuring the power and voltage up to thousands of times a second, it always knows exactly how much energy you're using.

You’ll get a complete picture of all readings in the free Smappee app on your smartphone, tablet or pc. The app shows you how much you consume and how much it costs you, in real-time and on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. It also shows you how much your always-on use accounts for, both in terms of kWh and pounds, euros or dollars.

By identifying the main appliances in your home, Smappee helps you to find out all about your energy behaviour. The itemized bill in the app splits up your total consumption by device. When you know exactly where your energy is going, you can start making smart choices.

You’ll find out which appliances should be replaced by a more energy-efficient version. If your always-on use seems to be driving your energy bill through the ceiling, you can tackle that by turning off appliances that are in standby mode all the time. The best thing about it? Smappee can do all of this with one single monitor!

Smappee also turns your house into a Smart Home. Using your free Comfort Plug™ you can switch appliances on and off remotely. With Smappee you can control and care for your home, no matter where you are.
And the list of advantages doesn’t dry up here. The free Smappee app sends messages, warnings and tips and tricks for a more efficient energy use. Smappee does the hard work, so you don't have to. All you have to do is enjoy a smarter home, and lower costs.

More questions about the Smappee energy monitor?
Check out our FAQ.

Smappee movie

Is using Smappee really that easy?
Judge for yourself in this video

Handleiding en installatie

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