Here’s everyting that
works with Smappee charging stations.

Smappee charging stations work with all standard e-mobility platforms and software. Discover all the platforms that are compatible with the EV Line.


Smappee works with E-Flux

Manage charging sessions, allow guest use and automatically settle charging costs and receive 24/7 first-line support. Installers can read the charging stations remotely and receive a notification in the event of problems. Connect Smappee charging stations with the E-Flux eMobility platform.


GreenFlux and Smappee smart charging

Automatically adjust the charge speed of electric vehicles in your charge park, in real-time, throughout the day on the GreenFlux cloud platform and benefit from Smappee’s building and phase optimisation capabilities. Connect Smappee EV Line with GreenFlux.


Smappee works with GridCars
Manage billing, charge point access, usage and messaging for EV drivers or EV fleets. On top of that you can access roaming service, allowing various charge point networks to be used through multiple eMobility Service providers. Connect Smappee EV Line with GridCars.

Last Mile Solutions

Smappee works with Last Miles Solutions

Access full operational charge point management, 24/7 European wide first line support, custom reporting, maintenance notifications, automatic billing & invoicing and dynamic load balancing for your charging stations by connecting Smappee with Last Mile Solutions.


Smappee works with Optimile

Keep your power supply in balance with this charge point operator platform. Get notified when maintenance is needed, streamline billing & pricing, manage charging stations and set prices. Connect your Smappee charging station with Optimile.

100% OCPP-compliant

The Smappee charging stations are interoperable with all standard e-mobility platforms. The EV Line is 100% OCPP-compliant, so you can choose the software that is right for you and switch at any time. Do you want to connect your e-mobility platform to Smappee? Contact us.

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