Smart EV charging with dynamic load balancing.

Smappee offers a simple, ready to use and global solution that gets your car fully charged while cleverly managing your energy flows. Benefit from autonomous overload protection, optimised self-consumption, ànd tailored smart EV schedules.

Autonomous circuit breaker protection

Autonomous circuit breaker protection.

Current infrastructure often cannot cope with the additional energy demand of electric vehicles. EVs charging during peak hours or multiple EVs charging simultaneously may result in blown fuses or damaged circuits. Smappee helps charge your vehicle(s), whilst the building’s energy demands are met and the system is maintained well within maximum power limits.

Optimal use of solar production

Optimal use of solar production.

Integrating an EV charging station into a building heavily impacts the overall energy consumption. Smappee can maximise the use of renewable energy throughout the day for the charging sessions. That way, it optimises self-sufficiency and saves costs.

Smart EV schedules

Smart EV schedules.

Switching to electric driving requires some adjustments, especially taking into account the charging time. With Smappee you always have as much charge as you want by the time you need it. Tailor the Smappee smart EV schedules to your lifestyle in the Smappee App or Dashboard.

More charge with less infrastructure

More charge with less infrastructure.

Offering sufficient charging power to the growing number of electric vehicles can be challenging for retail and commercial buildings. This is where smart energy management comes into play. With the Smappee smart EV charging solution you can operate more EV charging points with the same infrastructure thanks to a dynamic (smart) exchange of energy between cars, building and grid. Read more or watch the movie.

Ready for the smart grid revolution

Ready for the smart grid revolution.

Smappee Infinity offers smart energy technology for commercial, industrial and residential use. Incorporating state-of-the-art technology and allowing over-the-air updates, it is able to adapt to any demand scenario and all applications. Are you interested in integrating Smappee’s smart EV charging solution in your product? Read more.

Smart EV charging compatibility

Smart EV charging compatibility.

Smappee is compatible with charging stations from different brands such as Alfen, EVBox, KEBA and Powerdale and continues to add other brands to the list. Of course, users who already own an Alfen, EVBox, KEBA or Powerdale charging station can also enjoy the Smappee technology by adding a Smappee Infinity to their building. Find out which charging stations are compatible with Smappee’s smart charging technology here.

Partners trust our technology

Whether it is bidirectional EV charging, smart office buildings or the rollout of our sustainability objectives, partnering with leading firms like ENGIE, Smappee and EVBox is helping us to meet our sustainability goals and future-proofing our business

Jan Willem Weissink, Managing Director of Schiphol Real Estate at Royal Schiphol Group

It was important for us that the Smappee technology could integrate with our current products, as well as with our future products. That, together with the speed at which integration could happen, gave us a significant headstart on our competition.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EVBox

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