Are you reluctantly stuck at work while your friends or family are sunning themselves in tropical locations? Are you impatiently counting down the days until your own holidays? Or perhaps you don't have any holiday plans (but are secretly looking forward to that new game or series)? Don't just sit there, give our 5 outdoor activities a try! Not only will they transform your pasty body into a naturally tanned temple, they will also give you an instant holiday feeling and are 100% environmentally sound. Carpe diem!

1. Spend a weekend WWOOFing

Ummm… Say what? WWOOF (Willing Workers on Organic Farms) is a project which allows volunteers to give organic farms a helping hand. Not only will the farmer teach you the tricks of the trade, you also get free food and accommodation. The WWOOF project has now grown into a global phenomenon with over 12,000 hosts in 100 different countries and around 80,000 WWOOFers.

2. Backpack and sunglasses on, get hiking

Hiking is hip. In reality, it doesn't involve much more than spending a few hours wandering around in nature. You can make it as much fun as you want: plan an excursion with your best friends or just enjoy the peace and quiet which nature has to offer. What are you waiting for? Pop on your walking boots, stuff your backpack full of snacks, put your sunglasses on and head out into the big wide world. And if you don't live in a particularly adventurous area, the nearest wood will do just fine.


3. Hold a vegan barbecue

We're not going all vegangelical on you, we promise. But under the motto ‘every little helps’, it would still be a wonderful initiative to banish all meat and other animal products from your next barbecue for once. And it really needn't be a sacrifice, as the irresistible photos by popular food bloggers prove. How about a stuffed sweet potato, a juicy veggie burger or some deliciously sweet corn on the cob? Not to mention all those surprising salads and side dishes they conjure up!

4. Run for charity

Improve your fitness levels and help society at the same time! Plenty of charity runs are organised every year, and in fact probably every month: to protect endangered animal species, combat diseases such as cancer, finance social projects etc. Encourage lots of your friends to join in! Make your team stand out with cool T-shirts printed with an amusing group name, stylish logo or catchy slogan. Organise a warm-up in advance and/or a toast afterwards, once the whole group has reached the finishing point.


5. Plant a tree

However much of a cliché it might sound, we can't say it often enough: trees are crucial for our health. They purify the air and produce fresh oxygen, not to mention helping to limit global warming. So why not take part in a tree-planting campaign? There are three ways to support these kinds of initiatives: donate some money or land to a plant-a-tree organisation, tell them how many trees you have planted yourself or register as a volunteer and help to plant trees.

Plenty of inspiration to fill the whole summer, we think!