A qualitative assesment of 23 studies showed savings up to 12% when users see their energy consumption in real-time detailed down to the appliance level. Smappee shows you your total consumption in real-time and that of your appliances.  

Annual percent savings of 12%


Why Feedback is Likely to Result in Persistent Savings

Feedback helps consumers to learn the energy consequences of specific behaviours, and that information reduces uncertainty about the effectiveness of new behaviours.

Feedback helps people to establish new habits and they no longer need to be energy conscious all the time. New behaviours become automatic.

Feedback elicits energy conserving behaviours and after a while people adapt their attitudes to their new behaviours and energy conservation becomes a new part of their identity.

A qualitative assessment of all 23 studies, indicated that three-quarters had persistent savings.  An assessment of the 9 longest studies indicated that savings are persistent when feedback is persistent or when feedback is provided in a supportive social environment.

The pitfall:  the novelty of energy feedback may wear off and people will fall back into old habits and practices.

Persistent Savings with Smappee?

To avoid the pitfall of falling back in old habits;  Smappee combines the "Energy insights and feedback" with other features and benefits.  As such people continue to use their Energy Buddy because they need it in daily life.

The Energy Buddy and its Comfort Plug® provide simple home automation functions that will be used on a daily basis.  Also the "peace of mind" features providing info anytime,  from anywhere (from your smartphone App) to verify if one forgot to turn off the Iron or to check if the kids came home well after school (garage door used, playstation console in use,etc. ), or get a notification when the freezer door is left open, etc.   Those "convenience" features help to make sure users keep using their Energy Buddy.

While using Smappee for convenience and peace of mind checks,  the Buddy, inevitably shows you your Energy Usage, as you have to navigate via the main "bubble" screen, providing that feedback, achieving a long term sustained and persisted saving.

Sources: Karen Ehrhardt-Martinez, Ph.D.  The complete research report is entitled: Advanced Metering Initiatives and Residential Feedback Programs and is available from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy: http://www.ACEEE.org/pubs/e105.htm