The Smappee monitor puts an end to hidden leaks and skyrocketing water bills

Nearly one in five British households has had problems with leaky water pipes, according to a survey carried out prior to the launch of the new Smappee gas & water monitor. The Smappee monitor allows users to keep tabs on their gas and water consumption in real time. “The biggest problem is hidden leaks. You usually don’t even notice them until you get your water bill, which can easily run into thousands of euros,” says Smappee founder Stefan Grosjean. “It’s money down the drain. With today’s technology, you can use your smartphone to monitor your water usage and discover hidden leaks quickly and easily.”

Together with market research firm iVOX, Smappee polled 1,000 British households and asked if they had ever had water leaks at home. Twentynine per cent of respondents indicated that they had indeed experienced leaks in the past. Repairing the damage caused by leaky pipes can be extremely costly: 7% of those polled said the repair costs were between £80 and £400, and 2% said that the bill for repairing the leak was in excess of £400.

“But that’s nothing compared to the potential cost of an undetected leak,” says Grosjean. “Most people only discover hidden leaks after receiving an abnormally high water bill. That can be weeks – even months – later. By that time, the costs can already be through the roof. A two-millimetre hole in a water pipe will leak approximately 192 litres per hour, roughly double the average daily water consumption per person in the United Kingdom. Hidden leaks like these can easily cost you thousands of euros before you’re even aware of them.”

While water companies may have compensation schemes in place for situations such as these, the terms are generally very strict. To qualify for compensation, the leak must be quite substantial, leading to a bill several times higher than normal. And in most cases, only a percentage of the financial loss will be compensated.

Real-time data leads to lower water bills

“Water waste is a huge – and hugely underestimated – problem,” says Grosjean. “It’s not just bad for the environment; it’s bad for your pocket, as well. Water companies usually only send someone around to check the pipes if your water consumption far exceeds normal values. We encourage users to take matters into their own hands. By keeping tabs on your own water usage, you can take steps to conserve water and save yourself money in the long run.”

In March 2016, after the success of its energy monitor, which tracks electricity consumption in homes and small-to-medium-sized businesses, Smappee launched a new monitor that provides real-time data on household water consumption.

“Water is not only becoming an increasingly scarce resource; it’s also becoming increasingly expensive. In fact, water prices are already rising worldwide. In the United States, the average water bill for an American family rose by 41% between 2010 and 2015. It is hard to draw a comparison with Europe, as legislation is vastly different, however countries such as Germany and Hungary have taken the lead with pricing policies designed to lead to a reduction in consumption. Growing numbers of experts are demanding an increase in the price of drinking water to make consumption more sustainable. By keeping a close eye on your water consumption, you can catch hidden leaks before they cause your water bill to skyrocket.”

About Smappee

Smappee develops innovative solutions that foster sustainable energy consumption. The energy monitor measures the exact use of all the important appliances and provides a clear overview in a display design that has won many prizes. Users can track and analyse real-time energy consumption with the user-friendly Smappee app for smartphone or tablet. With Smappee, they will soon see which appliances are the energy guzzlers and get an overview of standby power consumption. With simple savings, Smappee will pay for itself within one to two years. Furthermore, Smappee displays the yield from solar panels and Comfort Plugs™ enable users to switch appliances on and off remotely.

Smappee gas & water monitorThe Smappee gas & water monitor provides a real-time overview so users can see their gas and water use in the app. This leads to more savings for the user and more sustainable water and natural gas consumption for everyone.

Smappee ensures that both the user and the environment benefit from its efficiency solutions. The essence of the various Smappee solutions is to reduce energy consumption for consumers and corporate users without compromising on comfort. Stefan Grosjean, an expert in energy management, founded the company in 2012. Smappee won the Deloitte Fast50 Rising Star Award in 2014. For more information, visit