Dobbit TV broadcast a commentary of the Belgian Federation for Ecological Development on energy-efficiency and the Smappee energy monitor. The Federation for Ecological Development’s energy expert, Mario Verhellen, pays a visit to Smappee user Katie Verhelst.  He uses Smappee to evaluate energy consumption in Katie’s home and gives her some tips on how to save electricity.

To deal with energy efficiently, the first thing you should get insight into is the cost of your appliances. The Smappee smart energy monitor doesn’t only show us how much energy we consume. It also provides us with detailed real-time data on the energy use of all important appliances separately.  This insight can help us tackle energy guzzlers and start saving energy.

An important step in the right direction is investing in energy-efficient appliances. But did you also know that...

... it is not advisable to put the freezer in a small and closed space?

Tip! Choose a cool and spacious room for your freezer. That’s where it consumes less. Defrost your freezer regularly to ensure it is working to its optimum efficiency.

... heating water is the biggest energy cost of a washing machine?

Tip! Avoid washing clothes at high temperatures. 10°C more or less will not make the difference, provided that you use a good laundry product.  It can, though, imply savings of 40€ a year on your energy bill.

... the tumble dryer is a real energy guzzler?

Tip!  Choose the right programme!  Your laundry doesn’t necessarily have to be completely dry. If you take it out of the tumble dryer a little damp, it’s easier to iron ánd it saves you energy. Of course the cheapest option is to dry your clothes on the line outside or, if the weather is too bad, in an open and well-ventilated room. Taking into account that every time we use the tumble dryer it costs us 0,5€,  the line can save us up to  50€ a year.

... standby power consumption is more expensive than you realise?

Tip! Always unplug appliances!  If you leave them on stand-by or even simply
plugged-in, they are still using energy. Reducing standby power consumption can save you about 25€ a year. 

Watch the broadcast here.