The ingenuity of the Smappee technology.

  • The energy traffic controller in the house, future-oriented energy management.
  • The gateway to almost all IoT solutions.
  • Ready for peer-to-peer trading with blockchain technology.
  • Compatible with all electricity networks around the world.
  • Works both with renewable and traditional energy.
  • Also available as OEM Whitelabel, can be tailored to specific projects.
  • Proven track record: on the market since 2013.
Smappee technology-app-energy monitoring

Measurement means management.

The Smappee energy monitors offer an accurate insight into (standby) energy consumption and energy guzzlers. Smappee conducts more than 4,000 measurements per second, providing real-time information about the total energy consumption and production. The handy Smappee app and Smappee dashboard ensure you always have a clear overview of the energy flows in the house or company premises, wherever you are. Figures are visualised in such a way that they are easy to read: by day, week, month or year, or even in projections and costs. For electricity, solar energy, gas and water.

Smappee identifies appliances, like Shazam identifies songs.

Smappee identifies appliances thanks to its unique patented NILM technology or load disaggregation technology. The clip-on sensor on the power cable allows Smappee to identify your main appliances. And - a unique feature of Smappee - you can also supplement this with the Smappee Plus clamps for submetering, meaning you can measure the consumption of appliances that are more difficult to detect, such as a heat pump or an electric car. How does appliance recognition work?Get the most out of the appliance recognition in the Smappee app.

Smappee technology - appliance recognition - NILM

Your smart energy controller is called Smappee.

Do you own solar panels, batteries, an electric car or a heat pump? Then it is vital that you know exactly how much they consume. Moreover, you can use Smappee as a smart energy traffic controller, which decides when to use which energy source and to which appliance it should be assigned. As a result, you keep an overview of all the energy flows in the house so you can save money more easily.

Click a bubble to discover the endless posibilities.

Smappee technology - energy traffic control - smart energy control

Home automationThanks to Smappee, lighting, garage door, roller shutters, sun shades and other appliances can now be controlled from one location, linked to your energy consumption. Combine it with the KNX automation system, smart Ikea lighting or Philips Hue lights, Niko Home Control and many other options to enjoy a safer, more comfortable home or business site while reducing your energy consumption. SolarSolar panels produce most of their power during daytime, when most people aren’t at home and don’t consume energy. That is why Smappee allocates this energy to the biggest consumers in the house: a heat boiler, a heat pump. Smappee stores the remaining energy in your battery so you have enough power to make it through the evening and night. HVACSmappee controls the energy flows to energy guzzlers, such as heating, air conditioning and water heater. In other words, Smappee makes a smart thermostat even smarter. EVPeople come home in the evening, plug in the electric car and get ready to cook dinner. As soon as they start to cook on the electric hob, Smappee reduces the power that goes to the car. Otherwise, the fuses may blow, because the hob and the electric car both consume a lot of energy. StorageWhen a battery is fully charged, Smappee can redirect the solar power to appliances that require energy at all times, such as the freezer, the water heater or swimming pool. Water heaterAfter taking a shower in the morning, the water heater will immediately start to reheat water, at a time of the day when power is expensive and the house consumes a lot of energy. A smarter decision would be to let Smappee instruct the heater to heat water later, at a cheaper tariff or during the daytime with solar power.

Smappee technology - Internet of Things - Smart Home Smappee technology - energy traffic control - smart energy control

Join the Internet of Things.

Smappee uses the MQTT smart home protocol, paving the way for almost all smart home products and services. Welcome to the world of the Connected Home, a smart home or smart company premises, in which appliances can talk to each other and certain events are automated. Experiment with the existing recipes of smart home platforms such as MQTT, IFTTT and Stringify or develop your own. You can also automate less smart appliances, without an Internet connection, because Smappee can identify an appliance’s energy status (“on” or “off”). Use your Smappee and voice-controlled AI assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri to operate them. Discover all the options here.

WWF loves Smappee technology.

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF, has the following to say on the subject: “Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights and more control over your energy consumption." Read more about it here.

Smappee Technology - WWF testimonial

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