Interview Stefan Grosjean Smappee Suncast

Today, we’re delighted to announce that Smappee Plus has been named a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. As you may know, the Consumer Electronics Show (commonly abbreviated as “CES”) happens every January and is the world’s largest global gathering of consumer technology and innovation. The CES Innovation Awards are highly competitive, recognizing outstanding product design and cutting-edge engineering across 28 consumer product categories, so we’re understandably proud of the achievement!

In addition to attending the Awards ceremony, we’ll also be exhibiting at CES and giving live demonstrations of our latest smart home energy monitoring innovations and products, including our most recent energy monitor, Smappee Plus.

While we can’t know exactly what made the CES judges select Smappee, what makes Smappee Plus stand out from other energy monitors is its ability to measure real-time energy use from household appliances, offering valuable insights into a homeowner's energy usage, production, and the daily, monthly or yearly energy costs for all of the important appliances in the home. Another stand-out feature in our Smappee Plus product is its ability to act like an “energy traffic controller.” This means that when a homeowner incorporates additional energy production, such as solar power, Smappee Plus automatically directs that solar power to be used first by prioritized, more energy intensive appliances, thereby bringing additional cost savings and energy efficiency to a home. Essentially, Smappee Plus can go in any home and make it smart.

To give you a full picture of the Smappee Plus, the inspiration behind it and the future of the smart home, we’re sharing a great interview we had with popular solar podcast SunCast and its host Nico Johnson earlier in the year.

Nico sat down with our CEO and Founder Stefan Grosjean to discuss why Stefan founded Smappee, its key benefits today, and the future of the smart home both in the US and around the world. It’s an engaging interview that you can listen to below or through iTunes (episode 043) or your favorite podcast app!