Climate change plays a major role in society. It’s a problem that keeps getting bigger. We can’t afford to just sit back and do nothing! But where to start? That’s what the Dutch TV channel RTL wondered, too. They invited Smappee CEO Stefan Grosjean to explain how any and every individual can contribute to a green, more energy efficient environment, just by doing your own bit. Then, Smappee user Kathy shows how the Smappee home monitor has positively impacted her everyday consumption behavior.

>“As we’re standing in the garden, we’re not really using any devices. So could I conclude we’re already on the right track then?” anchorwoman Liselotte asks. Smappee CEO Stefan Grosjean nods approvingly, but immediately adds that always-on power has a much larger impact on our energy bills than we’d think: “It is not because we’re not actively using a device, that we’re not using energy.” Well then, tackling the always-on power is one thing. But what else can we do? With an energy monitoring system, you gain real-time insight in your consumption behavior. With these data, tracking down the energy guzzlers is child’s play. So, a second thing you can do is replace these with more energy efficient appliances.

But how do you detect them? As Liselotte takes a look at the Smappee app, a clear energy guzzler seems to be the pond pump, consuming no less than $308 per year! A pond pump serves to remove algae, so no need to leave it on for more than 3 hours a day. If you also switch it off during winter, you can easily save up to $220.

Afterwards, Liselotte feels out Smappee user Kathy about the everyday experience of having a power monitor in the house. The biggest energy guzzler turned out to be the freezer. Kathy’s Smappee also serves as a standby killer, unveiling exactly how much standby power is going to waste. Since they installed a Smappee, Kathy’s family has been living with more awareness of their energy consumption behavior. And awareness automatically initiates savings!

WoonTips was broadcasted on the Dutch channel RTL4 on Saturday 9 September.