Intersolar North Armerica 2017

As we mentioned in our last blog post, the Smappee team attended Intersolar North America for the first time to meet with solar installers and distributors, to find out about the latest trends in solar and energy monitoring and how they’re being integrated into installs.

Our goal at Intersolar was to demonstrate the new Smappee Plus designed for the residential solar market and gain feedback from a number of U.S. installers, distributors and solar industry reporters. While we knew that the Smappee Plus was unique from other solar and energy monitors, the overall reaction from our audience was that the Smappee Plus and our other energy monitoring systems were truly unlike any our solar experts had seen before.

Leading the conversations were Smappee’s co-founder and CEO Stefan Grosjean and our new Vice President of American Strategy and Business Development, Jean-Claude Junqua. In addition to our installer conversations, we met with several solar industry reporters who were all very impressed. In fact, one reporter, Chris Crowell from Solar Builder Magazine, wrote that “Smappee is the coolest thing we saw the entire week.” Thanks, Chris!

To summarize the thoughts from our various meetings, here are our three biggest takeaways from Intersolar NA about Smappee and our positioning in the solar market:

Intersolar Takeaway #1: Smappee will help assess and retain solar prospects

When we described and demonstrated how Smappee’s monitoring app works and the easy-installation process, many people saw Smappee as a pre-sale assessment tool for homeowners who aren’t aware of how much energy they’re actually using or wasting. Several solar pros suggested that they would like to use Smappee as an initial evaluation tool that could be left with homeowners for a few weeks so that they could assess their energy usage for a more accurate solar quote. This would also give the homeowner a stronger relationship with the installer, fostering more trust that could lead to the homeowner choosing them over another installer.

Intersolar Takeaway #2: Smappee can be a cool lifestyle product

While the Smappee Plus and other monitors are designed to measure energy, installers realized that these energy insights go beyond revealing how homeowners use or waste energy. For example, if a parent has limited their child to one hour of television or playing computer games per day, Smappee monitors can inform parents when the TV or gamestation is turned on as well as how much time is actually spent with the television on. Smappee monitoring can also act like an alarm system, alerting homeowners when someone has turned on a light or when the garage door opens when you’re at work. Our meetings were most impressed by these lifestyle insights that are beyond measuring energy.

Intersolar Takeaway #3: SolarCoin is a unique benefit

Smappee is currently the only solar or energy monitoring system available now in the U.S. that registers SolarCoins, a new tradable currency that is similar to Bitcoins. Unlike Bitcoins, SolarCoins are created and generated by measuring the amount of solar energy produced by the homeowner. After the homeowner registers with SolarCoin, Smappee records the solar system’s generation and adds SolarCoins to owner’s virtual wallet, which can then be electronically converted to cash or held in the virtual wallet until its value rises. We’ve written about SolarCoins before, but the system is very new for installers and distributors, who were excited to see an extra incentive built into an already powerful and useful monitoring platform.

If you’re a solar installer or distributor in the U.S. and would like to learn more about these trends, contact us to discuss all of these trends and perhaps we’ll find some more together.