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Solving global warming is the biggest challenge that humanity has ever faced. As politicians are struggeling to keep up with the climate agreement we see an increasing amount of civilians and organizations take action. The key element is the energy transition to renewable energy. This entails that the renewable energy that is produced is used to its fullest by automating the energy flows in the home. Appliances are switched on or off when the production peaks or is at a low. Excesses are stored for later. By adding blockchain-based currency and connecting a group of peers it would be possible, if policy allows it, to trade energy among each other in a easy, transparent and safe manner. Smappee is the only energy monitor that assists people in reaching that. It takes on the role of energy traffic controller in the home and ewards its users with SolarCoins for the solar energy produced. This way Smappee enables the future vision of turning homes into decentralized energy hubs that can produce, sell and buy renewable energy among themselves. 

The way to self-consumption.
Smappee measures the energy use of all domestic appliances - even those with variable output - in real-time. It identifies appliances in three ways: load disaggregation (NILM), submetering in the fuse box via current clamps, and submetering with the Smappee Switch (smart plug). Smappee shows you how much energy a device uses and how much this costs per day, month or year. Owners of EVs, heat pumps, A/C, etc. will be able to discover exactly how much energy these are consuming and make informed decisions on their energy consumption (e.g. when to buy a more energy efficient fridge), taking action to save on energy costs and efficiency. Smappee is the only monitor that can automatically use excess solar power to steer appliances in the homeowners order of preference, further increasing energy efficiency and cost savings. It has several ‘scenes’ to choose from to automate flows, for example: if there is excess power in the home and the owners EV car and/or home storage battery are fully charged, you can use the energy elsewhere such as raising the temperature in the pool by two degrees . The options are numerous.

Auto consumption Smappeee CDI

The specifics: Smappee integration with various smart home protocols.
As Smappee is at the centre of all energy flows in the home it is ideally positioned to steer those flows in the most efficient way. Thanks to the use of various smart home protocols Smappee paves the way for compatibility with almost any smart home product and service. They wire together hardware devices, APIs and online services in new and interesting ways. The integration of smart consumers enable Smappee to steer energy and take on the role of energy traffic controller, enabling a future in which homes become decentralized energy hubs. Therefore, Smappee is the future-proof solution to save energy, money and the planet in a fun way without compromising on comfort. 

Optimized steering of excess solar power.

The Belgian home and building automation expert CDI created a trial set-up to demonstrate the Smappee energy traffic controller functionality. CDI creates energy flows in MQTT and relies on Smappee for the collection and processing of the necessary data. The trial will help them to obtain knowledge and expertise on how to automatically steer solar energy to appliances in the order of their preference. In this case the excess solar energy is sent to the heating and a car charging post. CDI will use the insights from this trial to respond to the demand of their customers to maximize the use of their solar energy and thus save on their energy bill. 

Smappee and CDI

Partner. CDI-Projects
Country. Belgium
Industry. Home and building automation

100% use of solar energy production.
Smappee will use all solar energy to use appliances. When there is a surplus, the monitor will send that to the battery of the car. When it is full, the energy is sent to the heat pump to control the temperature of the office. Once the battery is full and the right temperature has been reached, the surplus of energy can’t be used anymore and goes to the grid. You can track the consumption, production and excess in the Smappee-app and see that the energy traffic controller function maximizes the use of solar power.

Real-time insights and control. 
Thanks to the Node-Red recipes you can automate certain activities and react instantly to the real-time Smappee insights. This allows users to optimally steer their en

ergy and control their appliances. Everything is visible in the Node Red dashboard. Real-time energy use and production and the extent to which solar energy is used are visible in the Smappee app.