Smappee is not just about achieving savings. The smart app has a number of features that can make our lives easier. For instance, we can monitor our home at any time of the day and even operate appliances remotely. We spoke to Hans Delabie, one of the driving forces and co-founder of Smappee, before. Last time, he gave us quite a lot of useful tips to help us live more energy-efficiently. Let’s see what he has to say about the Smart Home features.

Mr Delabie, 

Electricity, solar, gas and waterHow do you use the Smappee Smart Home features?
We use another Comfort Plug during the Christmas period for our Christmas lights. We don’t necessarily do this to save energy; it came from a wish to do something nice for my wife. As soon as Smappee detects the electric garage door, the tree lights come on. That way, my wife always comes home to a cosy living room, even when no-one is in. What’s more, we also activated the ‘Inactivity’ setting in the app. When Smappee sees that there is very little electrical activity in the home, it concludes that we are either asleep or away and all appliances in the living room are automatically switched off - including the Christmas lights!

Has consulting the Smappee app become part of your daily routine?
Absolutely! Take what happened recently, for instance. We had listened to a CD and when it was over, no-one had remembered to switch off the CD player and amplifier, which are installed in a built-in cabinet. When I checked the bubble screen the following morning, I noticed that our standby power consumption had increased by 50 watts. We must have left an appliance on somewhere! Without Smappee, that amplifier and CD player could easily have remained switched on unnecessarily for days and cost us money!

When I leave the house for a longer period of time, or sometimes even just in the morning before I go to work, I do a quick check in the app, via the bubble screen. If the grey and blue bubbles are the same size, I know that all appliances have been switched off.

And I definitely use the app when I am on holiday. I do a daily check to make sure everything is still okay at home. I do this mostly to make sure that the freezer is still working properly. After all, a freezer that has broken down in the middle of a holiday makes for a rather unpleasant homecoming. With Smappee, I don’t have to worry about that. What’s more, I also always check to see if any lights have been switched on or off, because that would mean that there are uninvited visitors in the house. That way, Smappee gives me a certain peace of mind, even when I am away on holiday.

What feature of the Smappee energy monitor do you find the most appealing?
It may sound trivial, but what I like best is the bubble screen. It lets you to see at a glance what is happening in your home. You can monitor the standby power consumption and instantly see if any appliances have been left on. Every watt of standby power consumption costs € 2 a year. Enough said, right? 

I also monitor our solar panel yield in real-time via the bubble screen. Incidentally, since we reduced our energy consumption from 5,100 to 3,900 kWh, I no longer have a 500 kWh shortage, but rather a 700 kWh surplus.  

What is great about Smappee is that the invisible becomes visible to me. You can see exactly what is going on in your home and sometimes you discover things you would never have known otherwise. And the wonderful thing is, Smappee doesn’t impose anything on you. What you choose to do with it is entirely up to you!