Denise Bauer with Hans Delabie & Stefan Grosjean

U.S. Ambassador Denise Bauer was pleasantly surprised to learn more about the cutting-edge technology produced in Belgium during a recent round-table discussion on energy efficiency. In the run-up to the Climate Summit in Paris the Ambassador wanted to know what steps Belgium’s entrepreneurs are undertaking to fight climate change. On a recent visit to Smappee in Kortrijk she spoke to several experts in the field of energy efficiency. She was clearly impressed by Smappee’s smart energy monitor, a highly useful tool for both consumers and businesses to become more conscious about their energy consumption habits.

Smappee, the Kortrijk-based start-up specialising in innovative solutions for more sustainable energy consumption, organised a roundtable discussion at the request of U.S. Ambassador Bauer. She wanted to know how modern technology is contributing to energy efficiency among both private individuals and the corporate community in Belgium. During the roundtable discussion, Ms Bauer was also introduced to another type of ambassador: Al Gore’s “climate ambassador” Serge de Gheldere, whose company Futureproofed helps businesses and cities opt for a fossil fuel-free, sustainable economy.

‘This visit to Smappee and the entrepreneurial roundtable are excellent opportunities to learn more about what Belgian companies are doing to fight climate change in the run-up of the COP 21 talks in Paris”, explained Ambassador Bauer. “President Obama’s Climate Action Plan calls for dramatic increases in energy efficiency in the U.S., the kind of energy savings that products like Smappee will help to achieve. Increased efficiency will lower costs, decrease our reliance on fossil fuels, and help us transition to a low carbon economy. Innovative business ideas like the ones I’ve learned about today are essential to address global climate change in realistic and economically beneficial ways.”

Ambassador Bauer’s visit began with a demonstration of Smappee, the first smart energy monitor. Using just one sensor, attached to the main cable with a simple clamp, Smappee can show consumers how much electricity they are using, their stand-by energy consumption and the yield of their solar panels on their smartphone or tablet. Additionally, Smappee is the first device that can monitor the energy consumption of electrical appliances individually. All of this is achieved with a single sensor. Scientific studies have shown that monitoring energy consumption on the household level can lead to savings of 12%. As Smappee can narrow this down to appliance level, savings of 30% can even be achieved, enabling you to earn back your appliance in just one year.

‘This innovative feat of technology will allow consumers as well as SMEs to drastically reduce their energy bills”, says Stefan Grosjean, the founder of Smappee. ‘Taking into account climate change, saving energy is increasingly becoming more important. Smappee has made this as intuitive for consumers as possible by providing real-time insight into energy consumption, all the way down to appliance level.”