Energy management solution incorporated into the QIVICON Smart Home platform

Smappee, a global provider of energy management solutions, today announced its partnership with the Smart Home platform QIVICON. QIVICON, an initiative by Deutsche Telekom, brings together the solutions and services offered by the participating businesses to promote the principle of smart homes.

With the addition of Smappee, QIVICON has now expanded into a genuine energy management solution, since the Smappee home energy monitor gives users a quick and easy overview of their current electricity consumption. Using electrical devices’ unique signature, Smappee registers consumption by the most important devices in the home and displays them in real time in an app. Users can also activate time switch plans or ‘trigger options’ to switch electronic devices off automatically, for example, as soon as the user goes to bed or leaves the house.

“Our energy management solutions enable users to gain insight into their consumption data and thus help them consume energy sustainably,” says Stefan Grosjean, the founder of Smappee. “That is what makes the QIVICON smart home platform the perfect partner for us in Germany and internationally. We are pleased to join with QIVICON and their partners to advance the issue of energy management in the smart home, thus making it even easier for users to save energy.”

The QIVICON Home Base, the platform’s central control unit, links the various partners’ devices into a network using radio waves. The control, combination and automation of devices and functions is then completed simply and comfortably with apps provided by the various partners for smartphones, tablets or PCs. “Thanks to the integration of Smappee, customers of QIVICON’s partners will also have access in future to energy consumption data for each device in real time through an app. This helps to reduce consumption and consequently also energy costs,” explains Thomas Rockmann, the head of Connected Homes at Deutsche Telekom. “These functions make Smappee the perfect extension for our platform partners.”