Mel Lee

Curious for how our Smappee-users get the most out of their Smappee in their own unique, everyday life, we asked some particular users to share their experiences with us. Second in line is Mel Lee, who lives with her husband and 2 early teenagers in Upstate New York. She has managed a team of engineers, but now decided to stay home to look after the kids. In her free time she loves jogging, DIY and collecting diecast model cars. Let’s see what place her Smappee takes in her busy daily life! 

How did Smappee come into your life?
I wanted to start monitoring my power usage smartly, and after some research for smart devices I came across Smappee’s home energy monitor. I primarily chose Smappee because its solar version is out of the box. Other brands require purchasing additional clamps and additional setup. But the Smappee Solar energy monitor is a plug’n’play, with the additional clamps already included. 

How often do you check your data readings?
Once we received the Smappee, I checked its data daily. When I could conclude the monitor was working just fine, I checked the readings weekly. It’s an easy way to keep an eye on my home’s consumption pattern. The Smappee app comes in handy to make sure no electrical appliances are misbehaving. For example, it made me aware that the energy consumption of CFL is just completely off the roof. So I’ve switched out bulbs from CFL to LEDs in the rooms where lights are frequently used, like the living room and the childrens’ bedrooms.

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CFL lights are real energy guzzlers. Great you tracked them down! Did you also manage to reduce your standby power use?My kids are at that age where tablets and cellphones are everywhere and anytime could be in use . Of course, the frequent use of such appliances requires a lot of charging. To reduce vampire loads, I installed mechanical timers for the various phone chargers around the house, and other adaptor-charging devices like iRobots. Even TV sets are now never left on standby anymore. Mains are turned off if we don’t use them any time soon. It’s a shame to pay for energy you don’t use.

Taking it all into account, we’re very curious to know what you appreciate most about Smappee.
I just love the app; especially the ease of data retrieval any time it’s needed. For example, I once noticed how the ‘always on’ bubble went up over a few days. I soon realized I had totally forgotten to turn off the treadmill machine in our basement. If you see how drastically the blue chart had increased daily since Friday, you can imagine how glad I was to have discovered the culprit so quickly.

Let’s fire away the big question: would you recommend Smappee to your family and friends?
Yes, I would recommend it to everyone who’s complaining of high utility bills. I bet all American folks agree with me if i say power consumption during summer is just crazy when the AC is being used. I guess comfort always comes with a price, but airconditioning power consumption is just crazy, really crazy… And it was only when my consumption charts were being shown that I was shocked of how much power was being used. So yes, if you want to control your home’s energy consumption: Smappee is highly recommended.