In May we proudly announced our new app Smappee Energy Monitor 2.0. We've designed it specially to support current and future Smappee innovations and to perfect the Smappee user experience. Download now from GooglePlay and Appstore.

Besides a guide on how to use the redesigned app, we have also listed the new features and how you can use them below. This will immediately demonstrate the differences between the old and the new app.

  1. BRAND NEW! Use the Assisted Learning app feature.
    A few weeks after installation, Smappee might have found several electrical tunes that NILM can’t assign to an appliance. Users can help assign a tune to a specific appliance using the Assisted Learning app feature. You simply have to turn the appliance on and off three times when asked. Smappee tries to filter out the tune that started and ended at the exact time that the user switched the appliance on and off. If there’s a match, Smappee will learn and remember the appliance.Go to Appliances and tap the plus icon.

  2. BRAND NEW! Interaction with home battery visible.
    As a Smappee Plus or Pro user, you can now view how the energy flows interact with your energy storage system.

  3. BRAND NEW! Analyze your self-consumption.
    Know how much of your solar energy is used for your own consumption and how much of your consumption is covered by your solar energy production. Click on the bubble on your homescreen and find out more.
  4. Use your Smappee Switch to find more appliances.
    We’re especially proud about this new feature! Your Smappee Switch gets even smarter. Besides controlling your appliances remotely and measuring your appliance’s energy consumption, the Smappee Switch can now help Smappee learn more about your appliances. Connect your Switch to an appliance your Smappee hasn’t been able to find (accurately). When Smappee has found the appliance after a few weeks, you can move the Switch to another appliance you want Smappee to detect

  5. Tell Smappee about your home.
    Another first! Now you can tell Smappee all about your home. Just fill in the appliance survey. Tell Smappee what type of building you live in, how many people live in your home and what appliances you use. That way, you give Smappee a head start in finding different appliances. Go to Profile, go to Your homes, select a home and tap Survey.

  6. Give feedback on detected Events.
    We’re excited about this one! It’s Smappee’s first feature where you can give it direct feedback on its efforts to recognize your appliances. In the event list, you can now swipe an event to the right if Smappee detected it correctly. If Smappee got it wrong, just swipe the event to the left. Together we can improve Smappee’s ability to detect appliance events correctly. 

  7. View your energy use at a glance.
    Get an extra user-friendly overview of the energy flows and costs in your home. One quick look on your Dashboard and you immediately know how much energy you’re consuming and producing.

  8. Automate your home easily.
    The Smappee Switch can switch your appliance off or on whenever and wherever you instruct it to.The Switch can only be controlled with the new Smappee app. We also added a cool new smart home feature: Smappee Scenes. It allows you to automate appliances connected to a ComfortplugTM or a Smappee Switch in many different ways. Create formulas based on activity in your home, activity of an appliance, location, active energy use, sunrise or sunset, time schedules and import or export. Do you want the blinds to close when the sun sets? Or the garage door to open when you approach your home? Add a Smappee Scene and Smappee automatically takes care of it!

  9. Faster energy analytics. More detailed charts.
    Navigate easily through your energy charts. Tap the bubble on your Dashboard to see your energy consumption and production charts. Zoom in, swipe through your chart or jump to another period.

  10. Watch the activity of your sub metered appliances.
    Scroll down in Dashboard and view the live events of the appliances that are being sub metered with a Smappee Plus or Smappee Pro. Smappee is happy to be of service. 

  11. Get to know more about how Smappee estimates your energy rates.
    Smappee gives you insights on your energy spending. Let’s have a look at Smappee’s calculations: 

    Smappee energy rates

    Smappee energy rates

    The cost it reports is an approximation of your utility bill. Since Smappee can’t take every tax rule, fee guideline or tiered pricing into account. Consult your energy costs in the Profile tab, go to Your homes, select a home and tap Your Rates.

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