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Frequently Asked Questions

Energy monitoring and Smappee

How does Smappee help me save energy and costs?
Why do I need an energy monitoring system?

What distinguishes Smappee from other energy monitoring systems?

What distinguishes Smappee from smart meters?

Smappee Infinity

Can Smappee Infinity enable auto-consumption and self-sufficiency?
Can I install the Smappee Infinity myself?
How is the Smappee Infinity installed?
What is the Smappee Infinity Introduction Kit?
How does the Smappee Infinity work and which components do I need?
What’s the difference between the Smappee Genius, the Smappee Connect and the Smappee Wi-Fi Connect?

Other Smappee products

In which languages are the Smappee Dashboard and Smappee App available?
How does the Smappee Switch work?
How does the Smappee Gas & Water work?

Getting Smappee

How do I get Smappee products?
Is there a subscription fee for Smappee?
What is the Smappee Infinity Introduction Kit?

Support & privacy

Who can I contact if I am experiencing issues?
Does Smappee keep track of my energy data?
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