Would you like to buy a Smappee, 
but do you still have some questions?
We're sure you’ll find the answers in our FAQ below:

- Smappee energy monitor

- Smappee solar energy monitor

- Smappee gas & water monitor

- Smappee Pro

Smappee gas & water monitor

What does the Smappee gas & water monitor consist of?
Are there any subscription fees associated with Smappee?
What do I need in order to be able to use the Smappee gas & water monitor?
How does Smappee measure my gas and water consumption?
How do I attach the Smappee gas & water monitor to my gas and water meter?
How do I know whether to use the optical or the magnetic sensor?
How does Smappee detect a ‘water leak’ or a ‘gas leak’?
How does Smappee help me to save energy?
What is the payback time?
Does Smappee keep a record of my energy consumption data?
How much energy does Smappee consume?
Can I also use the Smappee app when I’m not at home?
Is the Smappee gas & water monitor compatible with all mobile devices?
Can I use the Smappee gas & water monitor in my flat if the meter is in the basement?
How does Smappee detect abnormal consumption?
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