Would you like to buy a Smappee, 
but do you still have some questions?
We're sure you’ll find the answers in our FAQ below:

- Smappee energy monitor

- Smappee solar energy monitor

- Smappee gas & water monitor

- Smappee Pro

Smappee energy monitor

How does Smappee detect the appliances in my home?
Will Smappee detect all appliances in my home?
Can I use Smappee if my home has three-phase electricity?
Can I use the Smappee app when I'm away from home too?
How does Smappee help me save energy?
What is the payback period?
Does Smappee keep records about my energy consumption?
How much power does Smappee consume?
Can Smappee handle solar panels?
What is the subscription fee for Smappee?
How long does Smappee save your data?
What power range does Smappee support?
What distinguishes Smappee from other energy monitors and smart meters?
What does the Smappee energy monitor box contain?
What do I need to start using Smappee?
How is Smappee connected to my electrical system?
I would rather not install my Smappee myself. What should I do?
Do I have to install a separate meter for each device?
I live in an apartment and the meter is located in the basement?
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