Are your meters compatible with Smappee Gas & Water?

Interested in buying the Smappee Gas & Water? Awesome! Let's check if your meters are amongst the lucky ones. If you're not sure, you're welcome to send a photo to before purchasing the monitor. More info can also be found in the manual.

There are several models on the market today but the more common ones are shown. If your meter does not appear in this list, please consult Google as there are numerous pictures of water and gas meters.

Definitely compatible

Water meters with a magnetic output


Watermeter magnetic output

The picture shows an example of a common water meter.

This water meters has a small opening on the side. The spinning digits don’t have a reflective surface, so you can only use a magnetic sensor.

This type of water meter uses 2 pulses per Liter (or 1 per ½ Liter). 

Meters with reflecting digits

These meters have a reflecting surface on one of the digit. This dot can typically be found on the digit 6, 9 or 0. 


Compatible Gas & Water

This gas meter has a small reflective surface on the last digit. This can be monitored with an optical sensor. 


Meters with a revolving reflective surface

Some meters have a reflecting surface that is attached to a rotating element.


Compatible Gas & Water

This meter has a reflective surface.

It can be monitored by the optical sensor.

We advise placing the sensor a bit more offcenter for a good result. 

Meters with revolving dials

Gas and Water meters can have revolving dials in a variety of sizes and models. Below you’ll find an example of a Gas meter with black dials.


Compatible Gas & Water

This gas meter has black dials.

It can be monitored by the optical sensor.

The sensor should be placed above the fastest spinning dial as seen in the picture.

Possibly compatible

Meters with red revolving dials 

Some Gas or Water meters have red dials and a very thick cover glass. There is a chance the Smappee Gas & Water will not be able to monitor these meters. Please contact for further advice.


Compatible Gas & Water 

This water meter has red dials and a thick cover glass.

It can be monitored by the optical sensor, but in some cases there will be no readings.

Not compatible

Gas meter with magnetic output

At the moment, Smappee is not aware of any gas meter that can be monitored with a magnetic sensor. Please feel free to share your experience with Smappee Support at

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