Home energy metering system

Monitor your electricity usage

Smappee is the ultimate home energy management system, combining intuitive, advanced technology with actionable insights. Smappee offers the simplest energy meter reading solution, to provide you with itemized information on electricity use, at a glance, wherever you are.

  • Install the user-friendly energy monitor to any electric meter box with clever snap-on connectors
  • Download the free energy-monitoring app
  • Smappee instantly measures the energy consumption off all your important appliances.
  • View live, itemized information for your home, on your smart phone, 24/7
  • Add Comfort Plugs™ and you can even turn off appliances remotely

Learn how Smappee helps you save money and energy

Easy setup

Smappee learns about your appliances

Receive real-time data of the use and cost of your appliances

Learn & save up to 30% on your electricity bill

Control your home via the free app

Monitor solar panels

What our fans say about Smappee

A clear layout enables you to see exactly what you are using, even showing differences of a Watt or two. I had great fun in the first hour running around with my iPhone out checking the difference in usage when I turn off various bits and pieces, and then trying to get down as close to zero as possible. (I managed 40 Watts – with only the fridge freezer still on). — EcoStore
This level of insight is fantastic and can help you make decisions about how you use your appliances and what you can change to save some money. — TouchSmartEnergy
Smappee is a sensor that measures the total electrical power that your home draws from the grid. That's not unique, but Smappee's ability to uniquely identify each appliance—large and small—is new. — TechHive
Combining an energy monitor with a smart home automation control unit make it well worth the investment. [...] the amount of money I have saved simply by turning off cupboard lights (which easily go unnoticed) and switching appliances off instead of standby, I can see this saving me a lot of money in the future. — EcoStore
Smappee is an energy saving device which monitors your power consumption and gives you tips and advice on how to be more efficient. — International Business Times
Smappee has identified the energy signatures of over 80 common appliances - so you don't need to invest in 80 smart plugs to monitor usage. — Recombu

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