Smappee Plus

  • Our most efficient energy monitor for households.
  • Know exactly how much it costs you to charge your electric car.
  • See how much your heat pump consumes in real-time.
  • Check the output of your solar panels.
  • Save up to 30% on your energy bill.
  • Remotely control your electrical appliances.
  • Suitable for single-, three- and split-phase connections.
Smappee - Plus energy monitor - measure the power consumption of your swimming pool, heat pump or electric car

Future-proof energy management.

You make very careful use of energy. Solar panels, an electric car, batteries, wind power... You consume energy but you also produce and stock it. Smappee Plus helps you keep an overview and save energy.

Measurement means management.

Do you have an electric car, a heat pump or a swimming pool? Then it is vital that you know exactly how much they consume. Submetering allows Smappee Plus to measure the specific consumption of individual appliances even more accurately. A great way of avoiding unpleasant surprises on your annual energy bill. Read more here about Smappee and appliance detection.

More insight,
more control.

Use our free app to see exactly how much energy you produce and consume. And thanks to our Smappee Switch you can operate appliances remotely with your smartphone and know for sure whether they are on or off.

Smappee - Plus energy monitor - app - more insight and control of your power usage

Waste less energy.

Do you have surplus solar power? Use Smappee Plus to power up specific appliances with this power, in a sequence of your choice. What’s more, you automatically earn one SolarCoin for every MWh of solar energy you produce.

Installed in minutes.

A Smappee partner or electrician can easily install your Smappee Plus. Smappee requires no changes to your electrical system. You can find the manual here.

Other questions? Check our FAQs.
Smappee - Plus energy monitor - simple installation
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