Smappee Pro

  • The most efficient energy monitor for companies.
  • All your sites in one smart energy network.
  • Perfect for submetering of specific appliances and processes.
  • Optimal use of renewable energy.
  • A simple app for the user, an extensive dashboard for the energy manager.
  • Easy to install, no downtime.
  • Suitable for single-, three- and split-phase connections.
  • Reduce your energy bill significantly.

The energy across all your sites at a glance.

Use the app or the online dashboard for a clear overview of the energy flows across all your sites. In real-time and right down to the level of the individual appliances. You can also monitor your company’s solar and/or wind power production and consumption at all times. Complete the picture with Smappee Gas & Water.

Smappee - Pro energy monitor - app - manage energy use across multiple sites

Saving on energy has never been easier.

Smappee Pro detects standby power consumption and energy-guzzlers. You can keep tabs on how much power certain appliances or groups of appliances consume because of submetering. Now you can accurately measure and verify the impact of your energy-saving measures and make changes as you need to.

Don’t waste any energy.

Spot a sudden peak in your own energy production? Use Smappee Pro to power up specific appliances with this energy, in a sequence of your own choice. You can also automate specific activities and processes. Making Smappee Pro an efficient tool that also greatly reduces the risk of human error. And thanks to our Smappee Switch you can operate appliances remotely with your smartphone and know for sure whether they are on or off.

Smappee - Pro energy monitor - detect energy guzzlers

Installed in minutes.

Smappee Pro requires no changes to your electrical system. Your electrician or installer only needs an hour to get the job done. Even during office hours, as there is no need to power down. Submetering is made easy with our handy clip-on sensors. Learn more about the technical specifications and take a look at the installation manual here.

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