Smappee Switch, how does it work?


Smappee Switch Installation Open the new app Smappee Energy Monitor 2.0 and add the Smappee Switch to your devices.
Smappee Switch Installation Scan the barcode on the wire of your Smappee Switch.
Smappee Switch Installation Plug in your Switch*.
Smappee Switch Installation Your Smappee energy monitor will automatically start looking for it. 
Smappee Switch Installation Operate the appliance, plugged in the Smappee Switch, remotely.
Smappee Switch Installation Check its exact energy consumption in the app.
Smappee Switch Installation Add a Smappee scene and automate the appliance.
Smappee Switch Installation Just tap the Smappee Switch once to operate your appliance manually.
Learn with switch Use your Smappee Switch to find more appliances. 

Connect your Switch to an appliance your Smappee hasn’t been able to find (accurately). When Smappee has found the appliance after a few weeks, you can move the Switch to another appliance you want Smappee to detect. Enable this on the Smappee Switch detail page.
*A Smappee Switch needs to be plugged in within a maximum range of 10 to 20 metres of your Smappee energy monitor. Do you want to bridge longer distances and overcome obstacles such as concrete or walls? It's possible, because the Smappee Switch can pass on the signal to another Switch. You can link up to 3 Smappee Switches. The maximum range between each of these Smappee Switches is 10 to 20 metres.

! The Smappee Switch only works combined with a Smappee energy monitor.

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