Welcome to our online training program.

Find out more about Smappee Infinity, smart energy technology for residential, commercial and industrial use. View the video's below.

Step 1: Planning and site preparation.

Determine the complete monitoring solution. This consists of listing all the loads that need to be measured, their properties, and the required hardware (Smappee and others).
Download the Smappee Infinity installation manual here.
Download the Smappee App from GooglePlay and Appstore.

Step 2: Initial setup and configuration.

Create a location and define the measured loads and their properties. The location defines where the Smappee will be installed (e.g. house, store, or site address).

Step 3: Physical installation.

Carry out the required steps for the physical installation of the Smappee Infinity.

Step 4: Internet connectivity.

Connect your installation to the Smappee cloud through Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G cellular network.

Step 5: Configuration of CTs.

Link the initial setup and configuration to each physical CT.

Step 6: Validation of the installation.

Validate the correct operation of the monitoring solution, using the Smappee App and the Smappee Dashboard.

Troubleshooting and addendum

Experiencing installation issues? Consult our troubleshooting and find out more about the Smappee Infinity colour codes and Wi-Fi connection properties and firewall rules.

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