Improve energy efficiency and save energy and costs.

Analyse and control the use of electricity, solar, gas and water.

Maximise the use of solar for your charging and control your charging costs.

Actionable energy insights.

Smappee offers its users real-time and historical energy data in a user-friendly app and professional dashboard. See your solar production and electric, gas and water consumption and discover the self sufficiency rate. Get in-depth detail with overviews per day/week/month/year, in currency or colourful graphs, and find out how you’re performing in comparison to similar sites. You name it and you will find the data available at your fingertips. What’s more, you can even control and automate events in your building to optimise your energy efficiency with Smappee Automations.

Dynamic load balancing for optimised self-consumption.

Automatically manage the energy flows in the best possible way. For example, why not use your solar energy for charging electric cars? Or send it to your HVAC system, to the grid or a storage battery? Never worry about circuit breaker trips. Smappee ensures your building’s system maintains within its power limits. Optimise your energy efficiency and self-consumption. That way, you turn your building into a smart, decentralised power hub. Discover our use cases here.

Quick and easy installation.

The total cost of ownership of all the Smappee products compares favourably with other competing solutions. The compact plug-and-play Infinity modules are robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CTs) or Rogowski Coils. The Smappee EV Base charging stations have a simple cable configuration and are easy to install on a prepared site. Each Smappee product has an installation wizard in the Smappee App to guide your electrician or installer throughout every step of the installation.

Beautiful design, built to last.

All products from the Smappee ecosystem are conceived with utmost attention for functional and sustainable design that outperforms expectations and is beautiful to look at. A touch of nature, durable materials and smart LED lighting are part of the Smappee signature. Smappee users enjoy the user-friendly App and Dashboard with a sleek and streamlined design that is again functional and intuitive to use. The future-proofness of the Smappee products also lies in its modular design and over-the-air updates, making it possible to build as you go and add more data, control or services in the future.

Smappee IoT

Gateway to a world of IoT solutions.

When you get a Smappee product, you get access to the full Smappee ecosystem. We use Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, IP-based connections and standards such as Modbus RTU to connect with IoT platforms and services. To quickly develop new use cases and speed up integrations we use IoT communication protocols MQTT and EEBUS. At the same time, Smappee partners with third parties to integrate its technology in their products or services such as smart thermostats, home assistants or home batteries.

Countless benefits.

Implement energy and cost-saving measures
Optimise self-consumption and -sufficiency
Overload protection and smart EV charging
Interoperable with IoT products
Improve energy efficiency
Quick, easy installation, low maintenance
Customised app and tailored dashboard
Real-time and historical energy data
Data privacy and CE/UL compliant
Flexible, future-proof solution

Partners trust our technology

Nobody leaves a tap running. And yet everybody wastes energy. Smappee helps you detect invisible energy consumption. It is an easy and affordable way to gain valuable insights into and more control over your energy consumption. 

Jean-Philippe Denruyter, Manager for Applied Energy Solutions of WWF

Whether it is bidirectional EV charging, smart office buildings or the rollout of our sustainability objectives, partnering with leading firms like ENGIE, Smappee and EVBox is helping us to meet our sustainability goals and future-proofing our business

Jan Willem Weissink, Managing Director of Schiphol Real Estate at Royal Schiphol Group

Thanks to the Smappee EV Base we are able to offer our employees and visitors the opportunity to charge their electric vehicle at any time while turning the solar energy produced on site into a source of income. We also love the ambient lighting which is both beautiful and functional.

Alexandra Vanhuyse, co-founder at Snowball

Smappee worked with us and adapted their product as our needs became clearer. Their willingness to collaborate and support us was one of the key drivers in our decision to move forward with them.

Chris DeBenedictis, Vice President Products at Budderfly

It was important for us that the Smappee technology could integrate with our current products, as well as with our future products. That, together with the speed at which integration could happen, gave us a significant headstart on our competition.

Kristof Vereenooghe, CEO at EVBox

Before our customers can manage their energy, they first need detailed insight into their production and consumption. Smappee offers them the perfect tools for that and visualises this in an intuitive way.

Gordon Clements, General Manager VARTA Storage

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