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With a Smappee Smartstop at your location you’ll not only help drive the transition to a greener future forward, but also increase foot traffic and bring in healthy revenue.

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Earn healthy revenue

EV charging can be a lucrative investment. Not only in increasing the time (and money) spent by EV Drivers at your location. But more specifically through the healthy profits earned from the charging fees at your Smappee Smartstop. Smappee’s smart charging solutions help optimize energy usage, reduce costs, and minimize grid impact. So you can be sure that your earnings will be maximized.

Smappee Smartstop

Attract customers to your property with a Smartstop

With more EVs hitting the road every day, now is the time to get ahead and ensure the best experience for your customers. Installing a beautifully designed and high-functioning Smappee Smartstop helps to increase footfall by attracting new and repeat customers to your business, encouraging visitors to linger longer, and spend more.

Always green

Hosting a Smappee Smartstop signals a real commitment to sustainability and attracts eco-conscious customers.  Smappee’s smart AI makes it possible to charge up to 100% with local renewable energy. This is testament to your commitment to provide a customer-first service while driving the energy transition forward.

EV charging hub expert

you can rely on

As a leading EV charger manufacturer Smappee excels in resource and revenue optimization for your charging square. Trust our guidance to streamline your Smappee Smartstop setup for a hassle-free experience. Ideal hosting sites can accommodate at least two or more Smappee EV Ultra fast chargers.

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a growing network

As EV adoption continues to grow, being part of our growing network positions you for long-term success. Smappee Smartstops are known for their reliability and quality ensuring a positive charging experience for EV owners. It offers convenience, sustainability, maximized profit and growth opportunities, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to embrace the EV revolution.

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