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Parking garage charging solutions

Host a
Smappee Smartstop

With a Smappee Smartstop at your location you’ll not only help drive the transition to a greener future forward, but also increase foot traffic and bring in healthy revenue.

Bornes de recharge pour votre parking (couvert)

Attract customers to your property with a Smartstop

With more EVs hitting the road every day, now is the time to get ahead and ensure the best experience for your customers. Installing a beautifully designed and high-functioning Smappee Smartstop helps to increase footfall by attracting new and repeat customers to your business, encouraging visitors to linger longer, and spend more.


Be part of a growing network

As EV adoption continues to grow, being part of our growing network positions you for long-term success. Smappee Smartstops are known for their reliability and quality ensuring a positive charging experience for EV owners. It offers convenience, sustainability, maximized profit and growth opportunities, making it a smart choice for businesses looking to embrace the EV revolution.


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Do you own a ‘sweet spot’ location, the kind of place where EV users will want and need to charge their cars?
Then you want to host a Smappee Smartstop!

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