Kortrijk, 11 September 2019

Smappee Infinity Modbus energy meterSmart energy monitoring manufacturer Smappee has debuted its new Modbus energy meter. Tailored for industrial and commercial sites, Smappee’s Modbus energy meter offers accurate submetering and energy metering functionalities. The data is transferred via Modbus RTU (RS-485) to any 3rd party gateway, data logger or scada system.

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13 août 2019

Smappee Dashboard

Smappee fournit une grande quantité de données énergétiques utiles et pratiques, disponibles de plusieurs manières. Elles peuvent être consultées via une API à intégrer aux systèmes EMS/BMS, une app conviviale pour les consommateurs et un tableau de bord professionnel et exhaustif pour une analyse approfondie. Découvrons le Smappee Dashboard !

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22 juillet 2019

Smappee new appNous avons conçue la Smappee App spécialement pour soutenir les innovations Smappee actuelles et futures et pour perfectionner l’expérience de l’utilisateur Smappee. Ci dessous, vous trouverez également une liste des nouvelles fonctionnalités et la façon de les utiliser. 

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9 July 2019

Smappee Infinity - construction - ISO certified - BAMThe construction business is changing quickly. Compliance with ISO standards is no longer just a competitive advantage but an absolute must to be considered for certain clients or projects. Monitoring and controlling energy consumption on construction sites not only has the advantage that ISO standards are met, it also makes construction companies more energy efficient and saves them money.

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Amsterdam, le 2 juillet 2019

Smappee-EVBox-EV smart charging-circuit breaker protectionLe fabricant mondial de borne de recharge EVBox et le pionnier de la gestion intelligente de l'énergie Smappee ont conclu un accord pluriannuel pour mettre en place des bornes de recharge intelligentes partout dans le monde. Grâce à la nouvelle solution de Smart Charging d'EVBox, alimentée par Smappee, les villes, les entreprises et les conducteurs de véhicules électriques profiteront de nombreux avantages qui permettront d'améliorer leur expérience de recharge.

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15 May 2019

Smappee Infinity - EV ChargingThe world is on the verge of a transportation revolution: the mass adoption of electric vehicles, or EVs. Since building out the network of residential and office charging stations is critical to the success of the EV revolution, a key topic demands attention: how will this new “appliance” be integrated into the overall energy management of the building?

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15 April 2019

Smappee Infinity - Auto-consumption - Energy traffic control

The concept of self-consumption has been a part of the conversation since the early days of grid-tied residential and commercial solar. The increasingly rapid adoption of energy storage batteries, electric vehicles and electric heat pumps has softened the blow of these new ‘self-consumption’ taxes and provided another way to efficiently use the energy generated, paving the way for what we will call Self-Consumption 2.0. 

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Cape Town, South Africa, 25 March 2019

Smappee AfricaSmappee is pushing its international growth with a local representation in Africa. Smappee’s smart energy management ecosystem provides ESCOs and VARs with a comprehensive tool to gather detailed, real-time energy data -for electricity, solar, gas and water. Smappee can be an answer to the current African energy crisis with its shortage of electricity and water.

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13 March 2019

Smappee - mobile metering - distributor grid operatorUsers are now both consuming and producing energy, disrupting the balance between the different grid phases. As a result, grid operators are looking for a flexible solution to monitor energy flows in these cabins. Based on their insights, they can restore the balance by shifting energy flows to different phases or by installing a battery or a heavier transformer and thus safeguard the proper functioning of the grid. 

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Smappee Infinity use case - HVAC - Intesis - heating - cooling

In the areas of heating and cooling, small changes in usage can substantially affect total consumed energy. Smappee and IntesisHome are offering a bundled solution that enhance the capabilities of both systems. Smappee provides heating and cooling insights to all parties involved. IntesisHome provides control of the HVAC systems to implement energy saving policies while maintaining the room at a comfortable temperature level.

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