1. Online training program.

Do you want to access our free trainings for partners and installers or get customised training sessions? Contact your trusted Business developer or email partner@smappee.com to order a dedicated training program.

2. Installation manuals, videos and technical specifications.

Download the Smappee technical documentation you need.

3. Demo movies.

Want to see how it works? Take a look at these videos or go to our YouTube channel.

Smappee Dashboard

Smappee App

4. Smappee partner support.

Are you a registered Smappee partner or installer? Access support materials via your personal Smappee Partner Portal. Log in with the username and password of your Smappee cloud account.

5. Are you an end-customer and still have questions?

Go to our Customer Help Center.

You will find the answer in our Help Center. Alternatively, visit our Blog for useful information about the Smappee ecosystem.

Contact your Smappee Installer.

Contact your Smappee installer. Find the support contact info of your installer in the Smappee Dashboard and Smappee App (Settings).

Do you still want help from a Smappee expert?

Order our dedicated Smappee customer support service.