Smappee führt eine Reihe einzigartiger intelligenter EV-Ladelösungen in Deutschland ein.

Today at The Smarter E Europe, Belgian cleantech company Smappee launches the Smappee EV Line on the German market. The awarded smart charging stations offer smart EV charging with dynamic load balancing, optimised solar and off-peak charging, and real-time insight into charging sessions and costs. Smappee’s solution takes care of all aspects of electric driving for both private and business users as it comes with a complete charging management platform and payment services. Smappee also announces the arrival of the Smappee EV Base Ultra, fast 80 kW or 200 kW DC chargers that modularly fit into the Smappee ecosystem. This way, Smappee’s charging solutions uniquely offer load balancing for AC and DC charging resulting in even smarter and more energy efficient EV charging.

Smappee EV Ultra dc fast charger
Smappee EV Ultra dc fast charger

“Launching smart charging solutions was a logical next step for us,” said Smappee CEO, Stefan Grosjean. “Our mission is to help people and businesses be more energy efficient. Over the years we have built an enabling ecosystem of hardware, software, and third-party integrations in an easy and financially rewarding way. Smappee’s innovative products provide an answer to complex energy issues caused by (new market developments such as) the rise of e-mobility and the introduction of peak rates and smart meters. Our network of value-added partners installs our products throughout Europe. They take care of the local last mile and end-user support. This is a successful approach that we will continue for our new smart charging solutions as they offer our partners new opportunities to build their business.”

Unique, future-proof smart charging.

The Smappee EV Line charging stations offer smart charging unique to the market. They are equipped with dynamic load balancing for autonomous overload protection and optimised solar and off-peak charging. Thanks to load balancing for both AC and DC charging, charging squares can service more customers and maximise charging revenues. With the EV Line you are set for the future thanks to automatic over-the-air updates for new features and the easy extensibility with the rest of the Smappee ecosystem.

One inclusive platform fit for charging squares and businesses.

The Smappee chargers come with a complete charging management platform. It offers an extensive overview of charging sessions, costs, and revenues per charging point. Manage every charging point, on site or remotely at an employee’s house, and easily offer split billing based on the data in the dashboard. That way, you can reimburse your employees for the charges at home or bill them correctly for the charging sessions at your charging square. Control charging revenues by applying different charging rates and priorities. Use Smappee RFID cards or the QR code for direct payment by your visitors. The platform also offers Smappee CPO or e-MSP services for a simple and easy all-in-one payment solution.

Award-winning and functional design.


The minimalistic and functional design with ambient lighting has been awarded several times, including the prestigious iF Design award, the Henry Van de Velde design award and as a finalist of The Smarter E Award. Next to the EV Wall for residential charging, the EV Base for businesses, Smappee now introduces the EV Base Ultra for fast DC charging. The DC charging station is equipped with LED lighting and has the same compact design whilst offering fast charging up to 200 kW. The EV Line forms a beautiful ‘family’ on any charging square or parking lot when combined.

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