Smart charging becomes the norm, and Smappee leads the way.

Smappee EV smart charging and energy management

There was a time when a charging station did not really create any significant added value for the user. It’s a shame, because a smart charging station makes it possible to make optimal use of the many possibilities of modern energy systems. Smappee’s smart charging stations are a true leader in this approach.

A mere look at the prepayment invoice immediately shows why an intelligent approach is needed so much. After all, why should an electric vehicle user have to charge at a time when electricity is most expensive? That doesn’t make any sense at all. Yet, with most charging stations we see that there is no intelligence whatsoever to optimise this. With them, the charging process is quite simple: charging starts immediately, regardless of the preconditions at that moment. Is the electricity grid already heavily loaded at that time? Is there an input from solar panels at the time of charging, or not? Can cheaper energy be used during off-peak hours? Traditional charging stations do not take that into account. The consequences are in keeping: an overpriced and avoidable energy bill, a possible overload of the electrical installation and an underutilisation of the possibilities of electric driving.

Smappee’s intelligent charging stations put an end to this situation. They rely on their unique artificial intelligence for this.

Dynamic Load Balancing via the Smappee Infinity.

The Smappee secret lies in its internal smart energy technology: Smappee infinity. This system allows for an optimal interaction between the electric car and energy systems such as solar panels, home batteries and heat pumps. Thus, not only can you map the energy flows, but you can also optimally control them. This results in better use of self-generated energy in your own installation, which in the end yields a hefty profit. Up to 60% can be saved when using your own solar energy and the optimal use of electricity during off-peak hours.

Safety comes first.

The intelligent charging system also keeps an eye on things. The system will automatically adjust the energy flows to the car if these threaten to become too large. Such as when the car charges and the electric stove, the fryer and the oven are running too. Then the car will temporarily get less power until one of the other users is turned off, and then it will get more power again. The safeguard temporarily pauses the process if an overload threatens to occur. When there is sufficient power again, the charging process automatically starts up again.

Easy follow-up via platform and app.

The data of all the energy flows – both the grid and the consumption – are visually displayed for the user in a dashboard with an accompanying app. This gives you insight into the charging and energy costs and the energy flows at any time of the day. Those who use their Smappee charging station in a business context can also deploy useful functions, such as setting priority charging for certain user groups, whitelisting RFID cards and the application of useful invoicing functions such as split billing. 

In addition, the system is also modular and flexible. Want more control, data or services after a while? No problem! The modularity of Smappee ensures that you can always adapt the existing solution to your new needs. 

And finally: the eye also wants something. The elegant and uniform design is a real eye-catcher and, combined with the intelligence of the system, forms a winning combination that has been awarded several times.

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