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Find your answer in our Help Center or go to the Smappee Academy.


Access marketing and technical documentation: manuals, product catalogues, brochures, etc.

*Are you an end-customer with a (challenging) technical question or is your installer not able to help you ?
Order Smappee’s customer support service. We’ll charge a small fee to help you.

Need more help?

  1. Follow our free online training in the Smappee Academy or register for Live training sessions.
  2. Download our manuals and technical specifications
  3. Verify the status of all Smappee systems
  4. Watch our installation movies. Go to our YouTube channel to discover more.

Watch our demo movies. Go to our YouTube channel to discover more.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it’s not possible to install Smappee’s EV charger or energy management system yourself. It always has to be done by a trained, certified Smappee installer.

If you’d like to get a quote from an approved installer in your area, submit your details and one will be in touch.

Only approved installers who have undergone the Smappee Academy training can install Smappee’s products. All quotes and information are requested via Smappee’s website. We then ask an installer in your area to contact you. In this way, you can rest assured that you are dealing with a legitimate Smappee installer.

Through the Smappee Academy, installers have access to:

  • 25+ online training courses
  • 80+ in-person training sessions per year

Registered Smappee installers have unlimited access to technical support such as:

  • A direct line to our Support & Service desk to get assistance whenever they need it
  • VIP updates on new products and features, which includes the option to test them before they are launched

If you have a preferred installer you want to work with, we’d be happy to train them so that you can continue working with the technicians you know and they can expand their business by becoming an approved Smappee installer.

Smappee uses and enforces high levels of information security and data privacy. We have implemented, and will continue to implement, appropriate security measures to prevent hackers and other unauthorized access to your personal information.

Access to clients’ data is only granted to those employees who need your personal information to be able to do their jobs. Firewalls and data encryption further ensure data privacy throughout the company. 

All information in the Smappee cloud is guarded by strong encryption protocols as that is where communication with clients’ Smappee devices takes place. The Smappee smart cloud is a Smappee innovation that puts a further level of security between our electric vehicle charging stations and third-party payment backend technology. It provides an encrypted connection where your data and readings are converted into the user-friendly statistics displayed on the Smappee app. 

You’ll find more details of how Smappee handles and stores clients’ personal information in our privacy statement.

You can download the latest technical specifications and product catalogues from our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you’re a professional, visit the Smappee Academy where all our training courses are hosted. They will always be up to date. 

When you become a Smappee Certified installer you will receive our partner newsletter where we announce new products and updates. We always encourage Smappee installers to read this newsletter as it’s where you will get this information before anyone else. 

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please contact our marketing team.

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