The perfect start.
Start lite, grow smart.

Meet the EV Wall Lite, Smappee’s new entry model charging station that effortlessly powers up your electric vehicle. Clean-lined design. Enhanced user-friendliness. Plus, it smartly grows with you. The Smartup Kit upgrades it to a smart charging station, for maximum energy efficiency.

Pure charging simplicity at home

EV charging station award

Beautiful design
with sustainable materials

Charging at home

Easy, safe and compatible
with all electric cars

EV charging station advantages

Upgradable to
smart charging

Simply perfect charging

Sometimes, all you need is safe, convenient and reliable charging for your electric vehicle. No bells, no fuss. Designed with streamlined simplicity at its core, the Smappee EV Wall Lite does just that. And does it really well too. It is the perfect choice for everyday charging at home, and pure joy to control through the Smappee App and Dashboard.

Make it smart

You can easily upgrade your EV Wall Lite to smart charging with the Smartup Kit*. Are you installing solar panels and want to charge your EV with solar energy, or make the most of dynamic rates? Then it is the perfect moment to upgrade your EV Wall Lite to unlock its full potential. With the Smartup Kit* in place your upgraded charging system will cleverly regulate charging around the time with the lowest grid tariffs and charge up to 100% with solar power. Saving you as much as 50% on charging costs. If you want all of that right from the start, our EV Wall Home charger comes ready with built-in smartness.

Maximum style

Experience the ultimate blend of form and function with a design that not only wins hearts, but also awards. Perfectly at home inside or out, this looker is built to last and smartly sustainable by design. Made in 100% multi-recyclable aluminum and with the minimal use of plastic, it has an intrinsic durability through the choice of materials and a green heart at that.

EV Wall Lite for a perfect start
And you can make it smart.

    • wall mounted
    • up to 22 kW
    • 1 socket
    • Upgradable with Smartup Kit*
      *Available September 2024

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Smappee’s entry model charger, the EV Wall Lite offers simple, reliable charging, without dynamic load balancing and energy management. It is the perfect charger when all you are looking for is to reliably charge your electric vehicle.  

The EV Wall Lite can also grow with your needs. It is upgradable to a smart charger with the Smartup kit, unlocking maximized energy and cost savings. 

It is quick and simple to upgrade your EV Wall Lite to a smart charger with the Smartup Kit (available from September 2024). When you install solar panels or want to make the most of dynamic rates, it is greatly cost and energy-beneficial to upgrade to smart charging. The Smartup Kit should be installed by a Smappee Certified Installer. Contact your preferred installer to order the Smartup Kit on your behalf and arrange for installation.  

Your installer will configure your charger so that you are able to benefit from all the cost-saving smart features. You can easily control your charger and energy use of your upgraded charger through the Smappee app. Your charger will remain futureproof with over-the-air updates and your installer will be able to service your charger remotely. 

The main differences between the variations of EV Wall chargers revolve around the in/exclusion of advanced smart functionality and the ability to install several chargers in the same location. 

EV Wall Lite: 

The EV Wall Lite is a streamlined basic charger perfect for home use, without advanced smart features such as dynamic load balancing and energy management. You can only install one EV Wall Lite per location. It is quick to install, reliable, and has great user-friendliness. It is great to know that you can upgrade the EV Wall Lite to a smart charger with the Smartup Kit (available from September 2024). So, it is always possible to start with basic charging and grow smart.  

EV Wall Home 

The EV Wall Home is a smart charger for home charging that comes with built-in energy management and dynamic load balancing. This makes it possible to always charge at the lowest tariffs and you can also set limits in the Smappee app to avoid exorbitant capacity rates. With the EV Wall Home you can charge your EV up to 100% with solar energy. All of which helps you save up to 50% on charging costs.  

EV Wall Business 

The advanced EV Wall Business is designed specifically for commercial and industrial use. Combined with the Smappee Infinity system (purchased separately), comprehensive smart charging features including dynamic load balancing, Cascade Overload Protection, charging with dynamic rates and solar charging are integrated. Multiple EV Wall Business chargers can be installed at one location, and they can all share the grid/solar measurements from the same Infinity system. This gives you all the savings and sureties that come with smart charging, as well as the flexibility you need in building infrastructure for large fleets.  

Find all technical details of our EV Wall chargers in our catalogue here

The EV Wall Lite is a great entry level choice for the home charging of your employees. Your employees will love it for its great looks and seamless, reliable charging. It is also quick and simple to install by a Smappee Certified Installer. 

Not only is the EV Wall Lite a great choice for your employees, but also for you as an employer. The EV Wall Lite might be Smappee’s entry level charger but don’t think that you will not be able to manage it as efficiently through the Smappee Dashboard. Great functions such as split billing, whitelisting and making the charger open for public charging are all available in the Smappee Dashboard. 

Yes, split billing is available on all Smappee chargers, even the EV Wall Lite. This makes it a pleasure to reimburse your employees for home charging sessions.  

The Smappee Dashboard allows you to activate your EV charging station features. Easily activate premier functionality such as whitelisting, split-billing and public charging, all functional with the EV Wall Lite. 

You can find step-by-step online courses on how to install the EV Wall Lite in the Smappee Academy. Courses are available in four languages, including English, Dutch, French and German.  

To install Smappee chargers, including the EV Wall Lite, you must be a Smappee Certified installer. Not certified yet? No problem. Join the Smappee Academy, where you can take all our online training courses free of charge and take the test to get certified.   

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