EV chargers for businesses

Whether you’re an employer, fleet manager, retailer or in the hospitality industry, when you install one or more EV chargers for your business, you’ll want to monitor your usage, and to easily manage payments and charging options. Smappee EV chargers for businesses do all this and more. Find out everything you need to know about charging stations for your business and discover the benefits of Smappee charging stations.

Get ready for a sustainable future with our EV charging for businesses

EV charging station benefits

Cost-effective charging
via energy management

EV charging station advantages

Monitor and control
your charging revenues

EV charging station award

Elegant design and revolutionary technology

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Smappee EV Ultra ev charging business

The smart charging stations companies select to be confident

By installing Smappee real smart charging stations, companies save up to 50% on charging their fleet. And you can be real smart too. Choosing Smappee goes beyond cost-efficiency, as dynamic load balancing safeguards your building from tripping risks and also reduces installation expenses by up to 25%. Our sophisticated AI constantly adapts to the lowest rates on the grid plus tap into solar forecasting to maximize charging with free solar energy. The powerful Smappee charging management platform puts you in the driving seat while over-the-air updates ensures that your charging stations remain up-to-date for years to come. Now that, is real smart.

ev charging station business

Safe and reliable EV charging for businesses, without additional expensive investments

Installing EV charging stations for your business may ensure that your system gets a hard hit. Smappee handles this too, with its charging stations for companies. Our autonomous overload protection ensures that the power system in your commercial building is not pushed beyond its capacities. Even with the additional energy demands of charging electric vehicles. No expensive expansion of your electricity installation is required.

ev charging station parking business opportunities

Monitor your charging consumption via our software or Dashboard

Exactly how much power is consumed at your business EV charger and at what time. This overview is easily stored via our user-friendly Smappee charging management dashboard. You can also easily set rates, switch off your charging stations after working hours and assign priority charging to certain users. This way, you always have a clear overview of the exact consumption. If your business charging needs change, we can build on your existing installation and charging hub.

Smappee EV charge card

Earn more from your EV charger for business

Increase your income by opening up your charging stations to the general public. Customize the discounts for different types of users in our Smappee Dashboard. If you use the Smappee charge cards, then you also have an additional advantage: you can use the cards for split billing to reimburse your employees for charging at home. Are you looking for a reliable payment and billing partner for your EV charging stations for businesses? Then be sure to check out the Smappee range of EV charging services.

electric car home charging station

Also for your employees at home

Anyone who switches to an electric vehicle fleet obviously needs more than just charging stations at the office. Your employees should also be able to easily charge their cars at home. Smappee offers you a wide range of home charging stations for any budget. With a split-billing contract, Smappee then takes care of the follow-up, invoicing and reimbursement of charging costs to your employees.

What are the benefits of EV charging with Smappee?

benefits of EV charging with Smappee The smartest charging solution for businesses and parking lots
charging overload protection Autonomous overload protection: no more blown fuses
Charging stations monitoring Real-time and historical monitoring of charging costs and total energy use
Charging stations revenue Extra revenue source with priority charging and discounts tailored to your users
EV charging stations solar energy Cost-effective charging with solar energy or at the lowest rate
EV charging stations load balancing Efficient charging options for your charging stations thanks to load balancing
EV charging stations installation Smappee installers ensure fast and safe installation
EV charging stations elegant design All this with an elegant design and attractive lighting
Smappee EV Base ev charger business

Easy installation and use

Our charging stations are easy to use, and installation is quick and efficient. Smappee charging stations for businesses and the accompanying energy management system can be installed in just a few hours and are immediately operational. The integrated LED light eliminates the need for additional wiring for lighting. Configuring the charging stations is easy via the app and dashboard. We also offer a seamless experience with over-the-air updates. Discover our Smappee Academy and become an installation partner.

Base ev charger business load management

Sleek design with built-in lighting

Technology should look good too. Especially when it comes to EV chargers for businesses. With its functional and award-winning design, Smappee business charging stations add value to any business parking lot. Our business charging station is made of durable materials and requires little maintenance. The subtle LED lighting indicates the charging status. The light intensity can even be adjusted.

Smappee EV charger business

Smart and fast charging

Want users of your charging square to also be able to charge their vehicle via fast charging? Smappee EV Ultra is fast, beautiful and compact. It comes in the award-winning EV Line design and offers electric charging with up to 200 kW of continuous power while remaining within the capacities of your electric infrastructure. Combined with Smappee AC charging stations, it offers the most energy-efficient EV charging process on the market.

ev charging solutions

Charging stations companies trust

Smappee understands the importance of data security, and that’s why we employ robust measures to ensure secure and encrypted communication between the cloud and our charging stations. This way you can enjoy the latest upgrades and services while we protect your valuable information. Our charging stations are designed to seamlessly integrate with Smappee CPO services or any other CPO platform.

There are three easy ways to offer EV charging for business

Charging stations charging

Plug and charge

Plug into the charging station to start charging, and unplug it again to stop charging.

EV Charging stations

Swipe and charge

Plug in, swipe a charge card in front of the LED lights and start charging. And for added safety: the charging station unlocks only after the card is swiped. Charging can also be controlled in the app.

EV chargers

Scan and charge

Prefer to scan with a smartphone? You can do that, too. Scan the QR code on the charging station and easily charge vehicles at the charging station.

Get ready for the future with our EV chargers for businesses

  • Sleek award-winning designs. Our compact and sleek award-winning charging stations are our flagship products and provide a fresh and modern look to your business parking lot. Combine different models according to your business needs.
  • Cost-effective charging with solar energy or at the lowest rate. With Smappee business charging stations, you can make maximum use of your own solar energy for charging sessions. Or use as much electricity as possible at off-peak or even optimize for dynamic and capacity rates.
  • Business charging stations as an additional source of income. Your company’s charging stations don’t have to be used only by your employees. Open your charging stations up to the general public and set up various discounts. This way, you can earn extra income from your business charging stations.
  • Sustainable energy for a sustainable company. A company that shows it cares about our planet has an advantage with (potential) employees and customers. By choosing sustainable products and investing in charging stations, you’re doing your part and complying with the latest standards.
  • Get your company ready for the future. Our modules and extensions allow us to easily and flexibly adapt to your requirements. Even if your needs change in the future.

Smart EV charging for business tailored to your needs


  • floor mounted
  • with socket
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1100 × 120 × 120 mm
  • energy management available separately


  • wall mounted
  • with socket
    or 8-meter charging cable
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 300 × 300 × 110 mm
  • energy management available separately

EV Base

  • floor mounted
  • with 2 sockets
    or 5-meter charging cables
  • type 2 connector
  • up to 22 kW
  • 1200 × 600 × 150 mm
  • energy management available separately

EV Ultra

  • floor mounted
  • with 3.25-meter charging cable
  • type CCS2 connector
  • up to 80 kW or 200 kW
  • 1860 × 920 × 290 mm
  • perfect in combination with AC chargers
  • energy management available separately

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Frequently Asked Questions

Smappee’s real smart charging relies on sophisticated data exchange systems that are automated and integrated with AI to ensure the most economical, well-timed, driver-oriented and infrastructure-friendly solution.

Smappee’s real smart charging makes it hands-free to always charge at the best rates, with maximum solar energy and avoiding exorbitant capacity rates, which can save you up to 50% on charging costs. You can also rest assured that your EV will always be charged at the time and level you require. Another real smart feature of Smappee, load balancing, protects your building (no tripping) and can save you up to 25% on installation costs.

Yes. With the Smappee EV Ultra 200S, you can charge with a continuous output of up to 200 kW at 650 V – 1,000 V and with the EV Ultra 80S, you can charge with a continuous output of up to 80 kW at 650 V – 1,000 V. Combine the Smappee fast DC charger with the Smappee AC chargers, and create the most energy-efficient charging station on the market.

Download the technical sheets of EV Ultra.

Smappee EV chargers and award-winning technology are not only sustainable in function but also in form. Manufactured in 100% multi-recyclable aluminum and Magnelis, and with minimal use of plastics, it has intrinsic durability and consideration of life-cycle management, even down to the packaging which features only recycled cardboard. Smappee’s built-in real smart technology supports smart energy choices resulting in up to 50% savings on electric vehicle charging and 30% energy savings.

Smappee has undergone a huge learning curve since the company was founded in 2012. Everything we’ve learnt and are continuing to learn are centred around our clients’ needs. For example, we use the Cloud and wireless over-the-air (OTA) technology. Our lifetime over-the-air updates are free and keep your charging station up to date without having to send a technician to your house or business premises. We’re very proud of this as the Smappee smart cloud is our own innovation and a great example of how we like to push the technology envelope.

We also stay on top of new legislation and regulatory changes to ensure that Smappee continues to comply with requirements. For instance, when legislation changed, we responded by developing and introducing dynamic tariffs, capacity tariffs and load balancing services. 

In this way, Smappee complies with legal requirements while also offering clients the latest technology and user-friendly functionality.

Smappee’s chargers are sold and installed through Smappee certified installers and partners in all the territories we operate in. If you want to buy your first Smappee chargers for your business fleet or expand the existing system at your company, request a quote and more information.

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