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Energy monitoring and Smappee

Smart meters only visualise the total energy consumption from the installation’s grid and energy supplied to the grid on a regular basis. The smart meter does not provide any information about:

  • real-time energy use and the impact of your actions on that
  • which circuits or appliances make up the total consumption value
  • exactly how much energy a circuit or appliances uses and when
  • your total solar production and how much of it you consume yourself
  • gas and water consumption data

Smappee Infinity provides submetering and load disaggregation capabilities to visualise real-time consumption up to circuit and appliance level, the total solar production and the status of battery storage. This gives insights in the energy flows within your building. Smappee also enables dynamic load balancing. This means that Smappee is capable of automatically steering energy to appliances in the order of your preference, storing it in the battery or switching appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way. As such, Smappee Infinity optimises auto-consumption and enables self-sufficiency.

Smappee is the only energy monitoring system that gives you insights at a glance into electricity, solar production, gas and water.
Smappee Infinity also offers the most comprehensive submetering facilities in the market with three submetering options: using current clamps, the smart plug Smappee Switch or Smappee's patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring). Thanks to its submetering capabilities, real-time energy data and ability to set automations, Smappee can also enable dynamic load balancing. In other words, Smappee is capable of automatically steering energy to appliances in the order of your preference, storing it in the battery or switching appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way. As such, Smappee Infinity optimises auto-consumption and enables self-sufficiency.

An energy monitoring system will allow you to cut ever-rising energy costs and facilitate auto-consumption, using the renewable energy produced to its fullest. To do that, you need real-time, actionable energy insights and the ability to automate the energy flows on your premises. Appliances need to switch on or off automatically when production peaks or is at a low and surplus energy needs to be stored for later. Smappee allows just that, paving the way for a future in which buildings are decentralised energy hubs without having to compromise on comfort.

Smappee analyses the use of solar energy, gas, water and electricity down to circuit and appliance level. Users get energy insights and discover their energy consumption, production, energy guzzlers, standby power, etc. in real-time, anytime and anywhere using the Smappee App and Dashboard. The Smappee Output module, Switch, Automations and partnerships with third-party IoT solutions empower users to steer energy automatically to appliances in the order of their preference, store it in the battery or switch appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way, optimising auto-consumption and enabling self-sufficiency. Smappee aims to change its users’ energy habits by reducing their energy consumption without compromising on comfort. This ensures that both the user and the environment benefit from Smappee’s energy efficiency solutions.

Smappee Infinity

A Smappee Infinity Introduction Kit includes: 1 Smappee Genius, 1 Smappee Power Box, 3 Smappee CT hubs, 12 50A CTs and 30 minutes of remote installation support. You can purchase your Infinity Introduction Kit to discover its possibilities. Only Smappee partners can order it.

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The Smappee Gas & Water takes the readings from your gas and water meters, using an optical or magnetic sensor, and sends this data to the Smappee App and Smappee Dashboard. Unfortunately, the gas and water monitor does not work with digital meters, gas meters with magnetic output or meters with red revolving dials.

The Smappee Gas & Water needs to be installed within 10 to 20 metres of your Smappee energy monitor. It is also important to have a smartphone or tablet running at least Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

You can use the Smappee Gas & Water in your apartment. If the meter is installed in the basement, you will need Bluetooth for data transfer to your smartphone or tablet. In this case, you will need to go regularly to your gas and water monitor (within 7 metres), open the Smappee App and wait for 20 seconds. The Smappee Gas & Water and the App will automatically find each other and exchange data. We suggest you do this once a month.

Get a Smappee Switch for operating appliances remotely and for wireless submetering of mono-phase appliances.
Smappee Switch works with the most popular plugs (B, E, F, G, I, J, L, M) and can switch to capacities of up to 16A (country-specific). Smappee Switch works on the 433 MHz or 915 MHz (US) frequency and must therefore be located within a maximum range of 10 to 20 metres of your Smappee monitor. Dynamic switching (e.g. reducing water heater from 16A to 8A at peak times) is only possible for smart appliances and only when combined with the Energy Traffic Controller, which is supplied with Smappee Infinity. Switch's switching functionality is thus limited to an on/off function.

You want to use multiple Smappee Switches? You can configure up to 20 Smappee Switches using one Smappee energy monitor. You can also use your Smappee Switches in your cellar, attic or other rooms in your house where nromally you cannot receive any communication signal. A Switch can pass on the signal to another Switch so you can bridge longer distances and overcome obstacles such as concrete. You can link up to 3 Switch stations and the maximum range between each of these stations is 10 to 20 metres.

Installation is done in two parts: physical installation in the fuse box and configuration using the step-by-step installation wizard in the Smappee App or Dashboard. The compact plug-and-play system is robust and reliable, with hubs connecting current clamps (CTs). Thanks to its modularity, additional single- or three-phased energy metering can be installed in five to ten minutes. Maintenance requires little effort, which keeps the total cost of ownership low.

Please read the full Smappee Infinity manual here.

The Smappee Infinity needs to be installed by a Smappee Certified Installer. If you want to install Smappee Infinity in your home or business, please find your Smappee installer here. Do you want to add Smappee to your product portfolio? Find your local distributor here.

There are multiple ways to detect your appliances with Smappee:

  • connecting current transformers (CT) in your fuse box (provides real-time 1 second information)
  • connecting a Smappee Switch between the power outlet and the appliance for wireless submetering of mono-phase appliances (provides data at 5-minute intervals)
  • submetering with Smappee's patented NILM (Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring). Smappee NILM provides insight into appliance consumption (70% of consumption and events in the appliances detected) and monthly consumption per identified appliance. On average, 4 to 5 main household appliances are identified after a few weeks. This function is disabled by default and for residential use only. Read more about the submetering options of the Smappee Infinity here.

Yes. Thanks to the Energy Traffic Control functionalities, Smappee Infinity is capable of automatically steering energy to appliances in the order of your preference, storing it in the battery or switching appliances on or off in the most energy-efficient way. As such, Smappee Infinity optimises auto-consumption and enables self-sufficiency. 

We know every customer is different. So, we’ve developed Smappee Infinity with flexibility in mind. Our comprehensive offering means you can pick and choose the features and services you need from Modbus energy metering for multi-sites to smart EV charging and optimised self-consumption. Do you need more control, data or services over time? No problem! Thanks to the modularity of Smappee Infinity, you can always build on the existing solution to meet your updated needs. Discover the different Smappee modules for different features and services here.

Smappee App and Dashboard

The Smappee Dashboard is available in English. The Smappee mobile App is available in Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. 

Getting Smappee

The first 2 years of services are included in the purchase of your Smappee energy monitor. These services include fees for cloud services and data storage and updates and support of cloud software, of Infinity modules firmware and of mobile application in iOS and android.

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Support & privacy

Smappee attaches a great deal of importance to its customers' privacy. We only keep the data we think we need to offer you an outstanding Smappee experience. All recorded data is kept safe and secure according to strict procedures. Find out more about this in our privacy statement here.

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