All-in-one EV charging solutions, with charging management and services

Open your charging park to public charging and pay your employees for charging at home. Use the Smappee charge cards for added convenience. Smappee’s charging management platform takes care of all aspects of electric charging and helps you manage your electric fleet remotely and in real time. Want to learn more? Then discover our EV charging solutions and their benefits.

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Smappee smart EV charging solutions

Charging management has never been easier

Do you have multiple charging stations on your property and do you want to open them up to the general public? No problem! Activate the all-in-one payment service for public charging stations at Smappee Services. EV drivers can scan via their cell phone or swipe with most charging cards. The Smappee smart charging platform lets you easily track and optimize all charging sessions within your charging park. Use the Smappee Dashboard to monitor the details in real time and make your charging park even more profitable.

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Total control from a distance

The Smappee platform lets you manage your charging stations and charging transactions. You control everything remotely with the touch of a finger. How? With our Smappee App and the Smappee Dashboard, you control everything via your smartphone or computer. You can start or stop charging sessions remotely and monitor the energy consumption and revenues of your EV charging solutions.

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Set discounts and priority charging

With our EV charging solutions, you can easily manage your charging revenues. You can set various discounts and assign priority charging. This way, you can give priority to sessions initiated by selected EV charging cards. You can use whitelists to allow visitors and employees to use your charging park for free or at a discount. That way, everyone will be fully charged in no time.

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Split billing for easy reimbursement of your employees

Do you want to reimburse employees for their charging sessions at home? Install Smappee home charging stations in your employees’ homes and activate split billing via Smappee Services. This way, you can easily automate employee billing and reimbursement for home charging sessions. At the end of the month, you as the employer will receive an invoice and your employees will receive payment for their charging sessions. The Smappee Dashboard gives you a handy overview of agreements and payments and lets you set rates and priorities.

EV charging solutions and services

Put your EV parking garage on the map with our charging stations

Attract more visitors to your EV parking garage by increasing your visibility with online charging maps. This way, drivers of electric vehicles can easily find your charging stations and your EV parking lot. How? By making the locations of the charging stations in your parking lot visible to the public via our app or dashboard. This way, drivers who want to recharge their electric vehicles know how to find you and what your rates are. Need more help to operate your charging square? We want to support you as much as possible.

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Access to more than 250,000 charging points

Are your employees often on the road? The Smappee App gives users access to more than 250,000 public charge points in Europe. Use the handy navigation map in the Smappee App to find the charging point nearest to you, including up-to-date information on availability, charging speed and rates. Belgian user can also charge at public charging stations with their own Smappee charge card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The EV Line offers each user several options for starting and paying for a charging session:

  • Plug and charge
    Plug in your car and start charging immediately, without identification or payment.
  • Scan and charge (QR code)
    Scan the QR code to start charging and pay for your charging session immediately via the Smappee App. The QR codes are included in the packaging box of your Smappee charging station. Find out how to activate them to make public charging via QR code possible for your charging station.
  • Swipe and charge (RFID)
    Start charging by swiping an RFID token, which may or may not be linked to a credit card. The Smappee EV Line works with most common charge cards but also with the Smappee Smart Charge Card. The Smart Charge Card is included in the packaging box of your Smappee charging station. Find out how to activate your RFID.
    • Whitelisting
      Assign RFID tokens to users of your charging station or charging hub. It is also possible to assign priorities and rates per user in the dashboard.
    • Split billing
      Do you own a corporation or work for an employer? Through a split-billing agreement with Smappee Services, your employer can manage RFID charge cards and the associated flat fee per employee. The fee per kWh is paid monthly to the employee and can be adjusted on a monthly basis.

Smappee e-mobility services.

Choose Smappee CPO or e-MSP services for a simple and convenient all-in-one payment solution. Smappee CPO services handle payment and billing for charging sessions to your charging stations. EV riders can charge with their charge cards connected to Smappee’s or a third-party e-MSP. Smappee will then periodically reimburse you for the costs.

Yes, it is possible. Thanks to the built-in Swipe and charge functionality, it is possible to identify the user of the charging station. If the company car’s charge card is used, split billing is activated. Then you will be reimbursed through your employer for the kWh you put into the company car. When charging the private car, you then use a different card. All Smappee charging stations have the Swipe and charge functionality.

Smappee’s system allows split-billing, which makes it easy to reimburse employees who charge their company electric vehicle at home. Once an employee’s details have been set up on the Smappee dashboard, the process is automated. 

Smappee’s split-billing works like this: once a fleet manager has set up the split-bill agreement and the employee has entered their details, the process is automated. Smappee Services will invoice the employer each month with the correct amount and reimburse the employee with that amount. These charging sessions are indicated separately on the Smappee dashboard so that employers can keep track of how much employees are charging their EVs at home and how much each one will have to be paid at the end of the month.

You’ll find more information on how split-billing works. Otherwise, please contact us if you have any questions.

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