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Smappee works with all kinds of things – smart devices, smart home platforms and smart home operating systems. Discover all the smart tools that are compatible with Smappee Infinity when you add a Smappee Genius.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa works with Smappee
Talk to your Smappee. Ask Alexa for your energy consumption or solar production. Add a Smappee Switch to smart appliances without voice control. Go to the Alexa app to connect with Smappee.


Smappee and EVBox smart charging

Connect your EVBox BusinessLine and HomeLine (starting from the G3 series) or Elvi with Smappee Infinity’s smart energy management technology and benefit from optimised self-consumption to overload protection and smart EV scheduling. Connect your EVBox with Smappee.


GreenFlux and Smappee smart charging

Automatically adjust the charge speed of electric vehicles in your charge park, in real-time, throughout the day on the GreenFlux cloud platform and benefit from Smappee’s building and phase optimisation capabilities. Connect Smappee with GreenFlux.

Home Assistant

Smappee works with Home Assistant

Connect all your IoT devices with Smappee via the Home Assistant-platform and automate your building. Connect Smappee with your Home Assistant system.

If This, Then That

IFTTT applets works with Smappee
Connect all your smart devices. Create recipes based on your Smappee data to automate your energy flows. Experiment with existing formulas or create your own on IFTTT.

Nest ThermostatTM

Consult and control your Nest thermostat remotely and optimise your self sufficiency. Connect with Nest in the Smappee App. Just go to Control.

Nest ProtectTM

Smappee lets you know if gas is being used unnecessarily when high levels of carbon monoxide are detected. Go to Control in the Smappee App to connect with Nest.


Smappee and Opinum

Combine Smappee’s energy management products with Opinum‘s analytics data management platform. Get a fully integrated end-to-end solution and reduce energy consumption in both new and old residential and commercial buildings. Connect with Opinum.

SG Ready Smart Heat Pumps

Smart heat pumps

Control and automate your smart heat pump in the Smappee App by adding an Output module to your Smappee Infinity installation. That way you can optimise your self-sufficiency. Works with Vaillant, Daikin, Ecodan, Nathan, Nibe etc.

VARTA Storage

VARTA battery works with Smappee
View how the energy flows interact with your energy storage system. Go to Smart devices under Control in the Smappee App to connect with VARTA Storage.


Wattics and Smappee

Connect your Smappee Infinity to Wattics energy management software for deeper analysis into energy consumption behaviour, resource inefficiencies and GHG emissions in commercial & industrial buildings and businesses. Use your Smappee Infinity data for analysis on the Wattics dashboard.

Smappee speaks Smart Home

We work with IP based connections and standards such as ModBus, MQTT and OCPP to quickly develop new use cases and speed up integration. Connect with these smart home protocols on their platforms or contact us.

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