Smart charging stations for home, on the road, and at the office

The Smappee EV Line, your all-in-one charging solution. Whether your car is parked at home, you’re on the road or you’re using the charging station at your office. Our EV charging solutions get the job done. With us, you charge your car smartly and efficiently up to 6x cheaper at home, and you can also equip your office with a sustainable charging solution.

Smappee EV One Charger for your Home

Smart. Seamless. Sustainable. That’s the One!

Ideal for business or home, the handsome EV One is
freestanding and perfectly fit for anywhere.
Plus, it is real smart too.


The smartest charging solutions for every situation

Smappee EV Charging Stations home

Do you want to charge your electric vehicle at home the smart way, with the help of solar energy and at the lowest rate? Then Smappee is the perfect choice for you. Our charging station charges up to 6x cheaper and is equipped with overload protection.

Smappee EV Charging Stations Business

Do you own a commercial building, or do you work in retail or hospitality, and do you want to install multiple (fast) business charging stations? Combine AC and DC charging stations for optimal results.

Smappee EV Charge card

Are you looking for more transparent charging management? Our software offers a practical customized dashboard, supplemented by additional e-mobility services.

What are the benefits of ev charging with Smappee?

benefits of EV charging with Smappee Save money thanks to dynamic rates and load-balancing
charging overload protection Autonomous overload protection: no more blown fuses
Charging stations monitoring Real-time and historical monitoring of charging costs and total energy use
Charging stations revenue Priority charging and discounts tailored to your users
EV charging stations solar energy Built-in energy management system for economical and efficient ev charging at home
EV charging stations load balancing Efficient charging options, thanks to load balancing of AC and DC charging
EV charging stations installation Smappee installers ensure fast and safe installation
EV charging stations elegant design All this with an elegant design and attractive lighting

Smart charging solutions with dynamic load balancing

Smappee works with capacity and dynamic load management systems based on our unique artificial intelligence to make maximum use of solar, off-peak, capacity and dynamic rates when charging your electric vehicle. This makes it easy to save costs. Meanwhile, autonomous overload protection ensures that your home or commercial building’s electrical system is not pushed beyond its capacities. Thanks to built-in RCM protection, sensors automatically shut down your charging station in the event of dangerous electrical failures. Also ask about our MID-compliant solutions. Even with the additional demand when vehicles are being charged, there’s no need to make expensive modifications to your electrical system. Now that’s smart ev charging!

Smappee EV Ultra ev charging business

Integrated with our energy management system

You can easily integrate our electric charging stations and solutions with Smappee’s smart energy management system for buildings (BEMS). You can choose to integrate immediately or add this module later to upgrade to truly smart charging. In this way, you not only get an overview of your charging data, you also get in-depth monitoring and control over energy consumption and energy flows in your home or commercial building.

EV Load management charging solutions

Manage your charging square via our dashboard

A personal dashboard gives chargin managers a detailed overview of charging sessions, costs and revenues for each charging station. This allows you to easily manage charging revenues by applying different discounts and priorities, all the way down to the user level. Choose Smappee CPO services for a simple all-in-one payment solution or work with a third-party CPO.

Smappee EV charge card

Easy charging and tracking via the Smappee App

Smappee charging stations are suitable for any electric system, and for any electric and hybrid vehicle. Plug in your car, swipe your EV charging card or scan the QR code and start charging immediately. With the Smappee App, you can monitor your charging process and data in real time.

Smappee EV One Charger for your Home

Fast and efficient installation of your EV charging station

The Smappee home charging station is an all-in-one charging solution and can be installed in less than an hour. The Smappee EV Base, in turn, can be operational in just a few hours. The integrated LED light eliminates the need for additional wiring for lighting in your parking lot. Our charging stations are configured with simple wiring and come with an installation guide.

Smappee EV Ultra charging station fast charger

Smart and fast DC charging

Want users of your charging square to also be able to charge their vehicles via fast charging? Smappee EV Ultra is fast, beautiful and compact. It comes in the award-winning EV Line design and offers electric charging with up to 200 kW of continuous power while remaining within the capacities of your electric infrastructure. Combined with Smappee AC charging stations, this DC fast charger offers the most energy-efficient ev charging process on the market.

ev charging solutions

Secure data traffic

Whether you’re installing a charging station at your home or business, you want to be sure that your data and your users’ data is protected. Smappee uses secure and encrypted communication between charging stations and the cloud. This way, you can be sure that your data won’t be intercepted by third parties ànd that we can offer you the latest upgrades and services. Our charging stations not only connect to Smappee CPO services, but to any other CPO platform as well.

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