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At Smappee, we support you with a wide range of training and personal support. Smappee’s smart charging stations with award-winning design and unprecedented innovations ensures that you as a certified charging station installer are ready for the future!

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Become a certified Smappee installer

Why become a Smappee Certified installer?

As a certified Smappee installer, you hold an official certificate. This verifies your knowledge of smart energy management, smart charging stations and the Smappee ecosystem. Also, Smappee advises end customers to only work with certified installers for the installation of their charging station. This way, customers can rest assured of a professional installation and the extensive knowledge of you as a charging station installer.

Benefits for a Smappee Certified installer

  • High-end training via Smappee Academy
    Through our free online training programme you will learn all about the selling, installation and aftercare of Smappee products. The training programme is always available and continuously updated – ideal as a reminder or refresher of your knowledge, or to learn more about innovations. You can also register for our webinars. Would you prefer live training? That’s possible too.
  • Benefit from first-line support
    As a certified Smappee installer, you will receive a direct phone number from our Support & Service Desk. This way, you can always contact Smappee support for urgent (and less urgent) questions.
  • VIP updates for (new) products and features
    Through our monthly newsletters, our certified charging station installers are the first to know about all our latest products and features. This is good for your business and great for your reputation. Testing things in pre-launch? Yes, it’s also a possibility!
  • Access to technical and marketing materials
    Want to get your customers and prospects excited about your new Smappee product range? We’ll be delighted to help you with that as well. Utilize our brochures, banners, dummy devices and images, which are easy to order via the Smappee POS catalogue. On top of that, our product photography is fully available to all our certified installers.
  • Exclusive Smappee Certified logo
    The Smappee Certified logo is exclusively for qualified charging station installers. This label indicates that you are a Smappee preferred partner and have outstanding knowledge about Smappee products. This label is available in high resolution, ideal for adding to your vehicle and website.
  • Official Smappee certificate
    Have you successfully completed all the training courses? Write the test and become a certified Smappee installer. You can get certified as a Smappee EV Line specialist and/or Smappee Infinity Specialist.

Testimonial. Increased returns through remote management and excellent services

Certified installation company Energy+ has been choosing Smappee for many years, specifically for our futuristic design, easy charging station installation, and outstanding service with comprehensive dashboard for remote management and support.

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Future ready with a smart charging station

Increasingly people are choosing smart charging stations at home or the office to enjoy real-time insights, smart energy management and benefits. Smappee is an all-in-one solution for smart home- and business charging stations including a built-in management platform and payment services, which you, as a certified Smappee charging station installer, can profit from. Our charging stations are future-proof thanks to their dynamic load-balancing. This allows us to respond quickly to changes, such as dynamic rates and capacity rate charges.

Advantages of electric charging with Smappee

benefits of EV charging with Smappee The smartest charging solution for home, business and car parks
charging overload protection Autonomous overload protection: no more blown fuses
Charging stations monitoring Real-time and historical insight into charging costs and total energy consumption
Charging stations revenue Additional source of revenue with priority charging and discounts tailored to your users
EV charging stations solar energy Cheaper solar charging, or at the lowest energy rates
EV charging stations load balancing Efficient charging options thanks to load balancing of AC and DC charging
EV charging stations installation The only option in the market taking into account dynamic tariffs as well as capacity rates
EV charging stations elegant design All of this, with an elegant design and atmospheric lighting

Convinced to become a Smappee Certified installer?

Would you like to also be one step ahead of your competitors? Be prepared for the ever-increasing demand for smart charging stations and grow your business exponentially.

  • Visit the Smappee Academy
  • Create a personal login
  • Follow the training programme
  • Take the test and earn your certificate
  • Receive technical and marketing support

Partners trust our technology

Really well-put-together training online and in real life. Great guidance via app and support for installations. A beautiful and quality product.

Philippe Vangeel, Xgrid

Smappee charging stations are currently the only ones about which we dare to say that they are guaranteed to still be interesting in ten years’ time.

Pieter Seynaeve, SunTronics

Thanks to the real-time insight into all installed charging stations via the charging management platform, our on-site visits have decreased by 90%. We can schedule our visits more efficiently and serve more customers.

Joke Oorts, CEO at installation company Energie+

We currently only distribute charging stations from Smappee because they are effectively the furthest in the concept of smart charging. This creates enormous added value because you can significantly limit the customer’s capacity costs.

Geert Degroote, CEO at installation company Certipower

Smappee provides a great service, which is exactly why we choose their charging stations and EMS system over and over again together with our customers.

Jordy Moyson, Mossy Electrics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Stay ahead of the energy transition and expand your product range. Smappee’s smart charging stations and energy management system feature award-winning design and unprecedented innovation. Being able to provide great products such as Smappee leads to happy customers.

Smappee certification provides an official certificate that verifies your knowledge of smart energy management, smart charging stations and the Smappee ecosystem. 

Smappee products may only be installed by Smappee certified installers. This way we can guarantee peace of mind for our customers and ensure the best service possible.

Once certified you will not only be able to sell and install Smappee products but will also have access to our ongoing training, support as well as our latest innovations and updates.

There are many benefits to becoming a Smappee installer:

  • Receive high-level training via the Smappee Academy
  • Get first-line support
  • Ongoing VIP updates on new products and features
  • Easy access to up-to-date technical and marketing materials
  • Exclusive rights to display Smappee Certified logo
  • Official Smappee certificate

Want to know more? Read all about it, and register here.

Want to become a Smappee installer? Great! You will be happy to hear that at Smappee we support installers with a wide range of training and personal support. The first step is to become certified. Register with the Smappee Academy and follow the online courses. You can conveniently take the online test to qualify and get certified. Once certified you will be part of our network of installers and will have access to Smappee marketing materials, VIP updates, first-line support and so much more.

The Smappee Academy is our high-end online training platform. Through the Smappee Academy, you can learn all about the selling, installation, and aftercare of Smappee products. The training program is available 24/7 and continuously updated with the latest product and technical information. Even after being certified, you retain full access to the program which means that you are able to refresh your knowledge at the click of a button and always learn more about new innovations.

The Smappee Academy offers more than 80 live training sessions on various subjects every year. In-person classes usually take place at our Head Office in Harelbeke, Belgium and are given in Dutch and French. These classes are hugely popular and booked out well in advance, so be sure to book as soon as possible.

It is also possible to arrange classes at your own premises, on request, in Dutch, English or French, but this is dependent on the number of attendees as well as availability in the training schedule.

Yes, Smappee’s entry model charger, the EV Wall Lite offers simple, reliable charging, without dynamic load balancing and energy management. It is the perfect charger when all you are looking for is to reliably charge your electric vehicle.  

The EV Wall Lite can also grow with your needs. It is upgradable to a smart charger with the Smartup kit, unlocking maximized energy and cost savings. 

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